When you think of MC’s that come from Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, legendary names such as JAY Z, Big Daddy Kane, and Notorious B.I.G comes to mind.  But in 2015, there are a new wave of up and coming MC’s coming out the Stuy and they are ready to make their mark.  One artist being $lick Pu$ha, the young MC with the pretty boy swag and fiery flow is on the horizon.  $LICK PU$HA started rhyming when he was 17, but just used it as a hobby.  He was always more of an athlete growing up.

$LICK would always write rhymes but never took it seriously.  Now at age 20, he is  evolving into an artist that wants to be remembered for his music .  He respects anybody that has turned a negative into a positive and coming from the streets of Bed Stuy, that is exactly what $LICK PU$HA has done.  His number one goal is to be remembered for his music and for people to understand his overall presence as not just a talented artist but a real person.

Expect big things to come from $LICK PUSHA!!  Make sure you look out for his new video for his new single “Wait on It,” dropping Feb. 1st.  Check out the single below:



For more of $LICKP PU$HA’S muisc visit Soundcloud:


Instagram: 1800slickpusha




For More Videos on YOUTUBE visit:

If you would like more information about this artist or booking info, please contact


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