Allen Iverson Getting His Wages Garnished to Pay Back His Jeweler

Allen Iverson just received some bad news from a Georgia judge.  The judge told the ex-baller that he is going to have his paychecks garnished to repay his jeweler.  According to court records, Iverson owes Aydin&Company jewelers the handsome sum of $375,000.  He never responded to the company’s lawsuit, and the bill has ballooned to $859,896.46 to cover the cost of collection, attorneys, and interest.

TMZ is reporting that the artist formerly known as Iverson hasn’t yet responded to the lawsuit.  After leaving the NBA in disgrace a couple of years ago and struggling financially, it’s not expected that Iverson will be able to repay anyone anytime soon.

Birdman Implicated In Sexual Assault Case

Birdman appeared in court earlier this week over an incident he and fellow Cash Money CEO Slim are being deemed accountable for. Last year, Nicole Westmoreland was assaulted after being invited to a meeting at the studio. Cash Money associate, Alfred Cleveland, is already serving time for the attack. However, the woman claims Birdman offered her $100,000 to keep quite, and that he threatened to kill her.

New Music: Frank Ocean – ‘Voodoo’

Frank Ocean casts a spell on the enchanting “Voodoo,” which he released via his Tumblr page. The Odd Future crooner sings about a couple whose love is the only thing that remains true in darker times.“She’s got the whole wide world in her juicy fruit/ He’s got the whole wide world in his pants,” he effortlessly sings on the 97-second track.

Nick Cannon Solidifies His Position

Nick Cannon is featured on this month’s “Bleu” Magazine, where they have given him the title as “Man of the Year.”  Nick has been quietly doing his thing behind the scenes, producing, writing, and directing.  Check out some of the excerts from the magazine:

On romance and Mariah Carey

 “Mariah and I are both hopeless romantics. We just made a pact to say that we want to be in this because we enjoy each other and we love each other…We want to be successful at being in a relationship; we want to have a good time.”

On relationships

 “A relationship shouldn’t seem like something you have to work at; it is not a task. We always wanted a fairy tale relationship…and the drama that normally comes with it, we [can] do without.”

 On fatherhood

 “I was built for fatherhood. I grew up in a family with a lot of kids…Ihave taken care of kids my whole life. As soon as my children were born, they became first and everything else became secondary.”

On being a sex symbol

 “[Being labeled a sex symbol] comes with the territory when being a solid husband and good father. Women find that kind of stuff appealing and sexy. Growing up, I was always the smallest kid in the school…I was the skinny and lanky dude…So I embrace [being labeled a sex symbol] now.

What is that Running Down Christina’s Leg??? OH MY…..

If you haven’t heard or watched on dreblacksofresh, Christina Aguilera gave a stirring rendition of “At Last” at the homegoing services for Etta James this past weekend.  However, her performance has been overshadowed by photos which have been circulating the internet of Ms. Aguilera and a mystery liquid running down her leg during her performance.  Some say she may have come on her monthly, and others say it could be spray tan.  You  be the judge.

Cory Gunz Arrested With Gun; Father Says Rapper Profiled

Bronx, New York rapper Cory Gunz was arrested this weekend, after police found him in possession of a loaded handgun.

Police caught the rapper with a loaded, unregistered Taurus .9mm handgun.

Cory Gunz, born Peter Pankey Jr., is currently in custody in the Bronx.

His father, rapper Peter Gunz, told MTV News that his son was the victim of an illegal search.

“It was definitely an illegal search,” Peter Gunz told MTV News.

Peter Gunz further elaborated on his 24-year-old son’s arrest.

The rapper was exiting a cab when plain clothes officers aggressively approached him.

“He just got out of a cab and police ran up on him and they were in plainclothes,” Peter Gunz told the New York Daily News. “He didn’t know they were cops – he thought he was getting robbed.”

Peter Gunz said his son was currently in Central Booking, where he is being processed.

Although its his first offense, Corey’s father is worried that New York’s strict anti-gun laws will have an adverse affect on his son’s career.

The same laws sent Lil Wayne, the CEO of Young Money, Cory’s label, to jail for eight months in 2010.

“At the end of the day, there’s a reason for everything, but at the same time, in New York, it’s mandatory jail time,” Peter Gunz told MTV News. “To go to a precinct and see your son, your junior, in handcuffs, it’s heartbreaking. Anytime you see your child in jail, in the cell, in handcuffs, it’s very hard.”

Even though its his first offense, Cory Gunz faces a minimum mandatory sentence of 3 and 1/2 years in prison.

Rihanna, Brandy Attend Michael Jackson ‘The Immortal’ Tour Opening

The stars were shining bright on opening night of Cirque Du Soleil’s Michael Jackson “The Immortal” World Tour at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Friday night (Jan. 27).  Rihanna looked every bit a rock star, sporting her new “Thug Life” tattoo and studded leather motorcycle jacket, black leggings, and shades.

Her fellow diva Brandy paid homage to the King of Pop.  Quincy Jones and Michael’s three children, Prince, Paris, and Blanket, also turned out for the tour kickoff.

New Video: Kalenna – ‘Matte Black Truck’

Dirty Money diva Kalenna gives lots of lip in her latest viral video for “Matte Black Truck,” a knocking cut off her upcoming mixtape Chamber of Diaries.

“If you leave, I’ma crank Wu-Tang in my matte black truck/ I’ma keep a red cup filled up in my matte black truck,” sings Kalenna as words spill out of her bejeweled lips.

Due in February, Diaries features contributions from Wayne Wonder, Maino, Rodney Jerkins, French Montana, Yung Chris, and more.

Da Brat Tries to Soften it up, But Just Doesn’t Work Out that Way!!!

Da Brat is well known for rocking her cornrows, baggy jeans, oversized tees and sneakers I think the only time I’ve ever seen her girly was in her video “Watchu Like” featuring Tyrese, and she was looking right in that joint!!  But all that has changed when mega celeb stylist June Ambrose gave Da Brat a girly girl look for June’s upcoming VH1 show. Da Brat doesn’t look to pleased! LOL She’s a pretty woman she should show it off more often. What do you think? I personally, think that the style is ALL wrong, especially coming from June Ambrose whose been doing this for years.  #Fashionfail