Drake Confirms Rihanna Rumors????

Earlier this month there were rumors Drake rented out the entire Toronto Aquarium for a romantic dinner date with Rihanna.

Looks like Drake confirmed the rumors.

On Sunday night after presenting Rihanna with the MTV Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award Drake posted a candid photo of himself and Rihanna on Instagram that eagle-eyed fans realized was taken outside.

The Toronto Aquarium.


Chris Brown Arrested on Felony Weapons Charges

Yesterday police arrived at Chris Brown’s estate after he was accused of pulling a gun on a party guest.

Chris was arrested and the accuser has come forward.

Baylee Curran filed a police report against Chris Brown claiming he pulled a gun on her after accusing her of touching his jewelry.

Baylee, who was crowned Miss California Regional 2016, also claims to have partied with Chris in the past but said this time the pop star seemed “different.”

Chris has been taken into custody and booked on felony assault with a deadly weapons charges.


Chris was released this morning on $250, 000 bond.

Pharrell Williams Interview Jaden and Willow Smith for INTERVIEW Magazine

Pharrell Williams threw on his journalist cap, interviewing Jaden and Willow Smith about everything from philosophy to fashion. The two siblings were shot by Steven Klein. They appear in designer threads from Burberry, Rick Owens, Alexander Wang, and Chanel Haute Couture.

WILLOW ON OLDER PEOPLE: “It seems like they don’t understand our thought process. Or, like, things have happened in the past that they’re still mad about. We want to accept them and move forward. I mean, I can definitely see things that have happened in the past that they’re holding on to and things that are happening right now that bog them down, but this generation wants to transcend them.”

JADEN ON HAPPINESS: “It’s good to be happy and tell us how cool your life is and how awesome you are on social media. That’s great because it inspires other people to be happy, too. But a lot of times, people are trying to be happy in the wrong ways—with money or with different things that are not true happiness. It’s leading people down a rabbit hole that actually doesn’t exist.”

WILLOW ON INSTAGRAM FAME: “I know so many kids who literally are, like, Instagram-famous. They have done nothing but post pictures on Instagram. And they have followings. People love to see them in person, but it’s only because they post on their Instagram. It’s literally crazy. Kids will paint a picture of themselves that is so far beyond who they actually are. It’s like they’re wearing someone else’s skin.”

WILLOW ON WILL AND JADA: “Growing up, all I saw was my parents trying to be the best people they could be, and people coming to them for wisdom, coming to them for guidance, and them not putting themselves on a pedestal, but literally being face-to-face with these people and saying, ‘I’m no better than you, but the fact that you’re coming to me to reach some sort of enlightenment or to shine a light on something, that makes me feel love and gratitude for you.’ They always give back what people give to them…It’s not just about money. It’s not just about giving people gifts or whatever. What my parents have given to me is not anything that has to do with money or success or anything that society says people should be focusing on—it’s something spiritual that only certain people can grasp and accept. And that’s how I act and move in the world today.”

JADEN ON WILL AND JADA: “My parents are definitely my biggest role models. And that’s where me and Willow both pull all of our inspiration from to change the world. It all comes from a concept of affecting the world in a positive way and leaving it better than it was than when we came. I feel like that enters into all types of different areas because there are so many different outlets that life has to offer for us. That goes into technology, into music. That goes into science, into spirituality, into education.”

JADEN ON PHILOSOPHICAL QUESTIONS: “A question I would like to present to the world is: Where is the love? And what are we doing? Who’s making the decisions that are putting us in the predicaments that we are in, with all of these people losing their lives around the world in so many different ways? I feel like a serious revolution needs to take place in order for human beings to evolve in a way where we can truly exist as a society. Because, right now, we do not act as a true society. We act as a world under terror, just scrambling to survive.”

WILLOW ON PHILOSOPHICAL QUESTIONS: “How are humans going to start taking responsibility for the actions that they take? When are we going to stop pointing the finger at someone else for something we do unconsciously? How are we going to start being aware of those things and changing those things?”

Chris Brown Accuser Wanted for Theft

Last night Chris Brown was arrested after a SWAT stand-off at his home, that was live streamed across the country on TV and online, after a friend of a guest claimed the R&B singer pulled a gun on her after accusing her of trying to steal a piece of jewelry.

In totally unrelated news the accuser is a fugitive suspect for a theft case out of  New York.

From TMZ

Baylee [Curran] was vacationing with a few friends at The Plaza back in 2013 when they began arguing in the hotel. According to police docs, Baylee snatched a $1,000 Louis Vuitton purse from one of the girls and ran out of the hotel.

The purse contained $200 in cash, as well as credit cards and a Michael Kors wallet.

Security chased Baylee, who allegedly dropped the purse but somehow fled with the contents.

By the time cops arrived Baylee was long gone. There’s a warrant of sorts — it’s called an I-Card — which will allow NYPD cops to pick her up and take her to the station for questioning, if they find her in the city.

Apparently, the incident was bad enough that the alleged purse-snatching victim got a restraining order against Baylee from an L.A. judge.

NEW VIDEO: Teyana Taylor Stars in Kanye West’s FADE

Teyana Taylor, Fade, Music Video

Teyana Taylor  worked up a sweat while dancing up a storm in Kanye’s West latest video “Fade.”

Teyana told E! News, “Dancing is my workout. I just dance. I almost feel like dance is so underrated in the fitness world.”

Teyana has been doing her thing for some years now, first appearing on the MTV series, My Sweet 16 back in the day.  She went on to release “Google Me,” as she worked on her debut album for StarTrek at the time under the guidance of Pharrell Williams. 

After a few failed attempts she released a mixtape “Miseducation of Teyana Taylor” which garnered her a buzz, after he remake of Drake’s “Marvin’s Room.”  Then in 2014 she finally released her debut album, 7 on Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music label.


Blac Chyna Covers PAPER MAG


 photo chynapaper1.jpg

As Blac Chyna readies her new reality show “Rob & Chyna” set to premiere in a few weeks, she strips down to appear on 1 of 4 covers of  PAPER magazine’s September ’16 issue. Check out the photos, plus the other five covers.

 photo chynapaper3.jpg

 photo chynapaper5.jpg

 photo chynapaper2.jpg

Naomi Campbell,  DJ Khalid , Beyonce’s protegees Chole x Halle, and Fergie also have individual covers.

 photo naomipaper1.jpg

 photo khaledpaper1.jpg

 photo chlopaper1.jpg




A s expected Frank Ocean’s sophomore album has hit #1.  It’s his first on the Billboard 200 charts.  After a long hiatus, the wait was definitely worth it.  It hits the charts with 276,000 equivalent album units (232,000 traditional) in its first week, according to Billboard . It’s also the third-largest debut of the year, following Drake’s Views and Beyoncé’s LEMONADE.


Last night after the MTV Video Music Awards Swizz Beatz & Alicia Keys, Jay Z & Beyonce, Steve Stoute & Lauren Branch, Kanye West & Kim Kardashian and Sean Diddy Combs & Cassie linked up for drinks like ordinary people.

Check out a few more pics below:

Image result for beyonce jay z kanye west kim

Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Sean Diddy Combs, Cassie

Beyonce Rules the VMA’S


Beyoncé collected eight Moonmen during the VMA’s Sunday night!!  She performed a medley of songs from visual album LEMONADE. She took home awards for Video of the Year for “Formation,” also won Best Female Video for “Hold Up,” Best Pop Video for “Formation,” Breakthrough Long-Form Video for LEMONADE, Best Choreography for “Formation,Best Direction“Formation,” Best Direction for “Formation,” Best Cinematography for “Formation,” and Best Editing for “Formation.”





With some of the biggest stars in the world which include Rihanna, who received the Video Vanguard Award and Beyonce who won 8 Moonman, were just a few celebs in attendance for the 2016 VMA’s held at Madison Square Garden.  The show was jammed packed which featured performances by Future, Nick Jonas, and Britney Spears.