Nicki Minaj Snags a Comedy on ABC

Nicki Minaj will be starring in a scripted comedy about her life on ABC.

According to Deadline the as yet untitled series will focus on Minaj’s growing up in Queens in the 1990s with her vibrant immigrant family and the personal and musical evolution that lead to her eventual rise to stardom.

Will you be watching??

JAY Z’s TIDAL Reaches 1 Million Subscribers

Jay Z has a major reason to celebrate.  His streaming service TIDAL has surpassed 1 million subscribers.

He took to Twitter to announce that his streaming service has reached 1 million subscribers. “Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists,” tweeted Mr. Carter, adding that “TIDAL is platinum. 1,000,000 people and counting.”

In honor of the milestone, Jay announced a celebration in Brooklyn on Oct. 20. “Let’s celebrate 10/20 Brooklyn,” he concluded. Further details were not disclosed.

Congrats JIGGA!!!!!

Fetty Wap Cited After Motorcycle Crash

Over the weekend rapper Fetty Wap was injured in a motorcycle accident after colliding with an oncoming car.

Aside from being half blind there are several other reasons Fetty shouldn’t have been on that bike.

According to reports Fetty Wap was cited by police after the accident for driving without a licence, not having insurance and failing to produce a vehicle registration.  Last night Fetty Wap updated fans on his condition revealing his leg had been broken in three places.

Bobby Brown Formally Accuses Nick Gordon in Death of Bobbi Kris

In a statement to the media Bobby Brown formally accuses Nick Gordon of harming his daughter Bobbi Kristina. 

The letter from Bobby’s lawyer reads,

“In regards to the civil litigation, we believe we know who harmed Bobbi Kristina Brown and his name is Nick Gordon.”

“Mr. Gordon made headlines when he filed his Motion to Dismiss the lawsuit pending in Superior Court that seeks to hold him responsible for 40 million dollars in damages.”

“However, the Motion was frivolous and instead of having it heard by the Court, he has chosen to withdraw the Motion, ending that matter so that he could avoid having to give his deposition which was scheduled for the day he withdrew the Motion. Mr. Gordon will now have to give his deposition under oath.”

“I am not shocked at the withdrawal, as we must keep in mind that Gordon filed a lawsuit to remove Bobby Brown as Bobbi Kristina’s guardian, only to withdraw that lawsuit in DeKalb County Probate Court once he was served with a deposition notice. He could have pressed forward with that lawsuit and told us under oath what he believed happened to Bobbi Kristina, but he chose to go in another direction.”