About That Aaliyah Lifetime Biopic

Aaliyah: Princess of R&B aired on the Lifetime network last night and its Executive-producer Wendy Williams and Lifetime was torn a new ass crack from everything to miscasting, bad acting and horrible singing. Now anyone who truly knows me know that I am the biggest Aaliyah fan..back then and still til’ this day.  Yes, I was disappointed in the film as it had no true foundation besides the documented facts that we all know.  Otherwise, everything else was fabricated, sensationalized, etc.  How can you make up situations and supporting commentary when you have no idea what really occurred in those situations.

It makes it even worst considering the family, Missy, Timbaland, Dame Dash, etc where not included or involved with the making of the movie.  The people who actually were closet to her and knew the REAL story.  However, you can’t place all the blame on Wendy Williams, even though she should have been a bit smarter in the way she approached the project. She didn’t direct, cast, or even produce the film.  Nor should the actress Alexandria Shipp be ridiculed.  She is just a young upcoming actress trying to get her foot in the door. However, like everyone else we sure want to her response Monday morning on “Hot Topics,” because it was definitely one over the weekend.

The memes were relentless with absolutely no chill whatsoever. None. Have a laugh or two, or three….smh.

Adding to the comedy of errors Wendy Williams tried to Tweet her favorite Aaliyah song during the broadcast but apparently she didn’t even know the name of it. The response was brutal.

so basically…………..


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