Ev’ryday Black Back at Haydee’s Lounge w/Special Showcase

Ev’ryday Black is back at Haydee’s Lounge for a special night celebrating the Ev’ryday Black Radio Show. Come out for a night full of special guest artists including:

Rizon Derron
Cool Chris
Danny Zuko
Ave Life Ent.
Tha Teem
Buddha Baby
All performing live!!

Ev’ry Day Black are building a community of talent and like-minded artists in the DMV. Not just a band, Ev’ryday Black is a lifestyle, and we’re building that energy everywhere we can. We’re using our internet radio show to expore the special talents that the DMV have to share with the world, and getting the word out as vest we can. The Jan 31 showcase is our first of many shows that will give our friends and fans a chance to catch the live performances of all the great talent we’ve been interacting with.

DJ Tempo will join us to keep the energy flowing.

Headlining will be Ev’ry Day Black, in our first show of the year at Haydee’s.

Purchase your tickets here:




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