DC Sniper Story Comes To The Big Screen in “Blue Caprice” (Video Trailer)

It was only a matter of time before the DC Sniper attacks would hit the big screen.  There was a made for TV movie a few years ago, but this feature film seems to dig a bit deeper into the lives and mind of John Mohammed and Lee Boyd Malvo.  “Blue Caprice,” features actor Isaiah Washington as John Muhammed and Tequan Richmond from “Everybody Hates Chris,” as Lee Boyd Malvo.  I will never forget the tense moments that the DMV experienced.  I was finishing up my Bachelor’s degree at Marymount University in Alexandria, and was on pins and needles as the snipers were killing people up and down 495, from Georgia Ave to Seven Corners. No one knew when the next shooting would occur.  This will be a interesting movie to see especially for all of us who actually lived through this ordeal.


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