Get Ready!! Ev’ryday Black Radio is HERE!! Premiering this Saturday, July 27th at 7pm

July 26th , 2013


Ev’ryday Black Radio

Washington, DC



Washington, DC Soul Band Takes it to the Next Level

Ev’ryday Black Radio featuring J’Evryday and Dre Black is a unique radio show that will premiere this Saturday, July 27th, 2013 at 7:00pm and every Saturday thereafter; showcasing indie and underground artists and music, also exposing the world to the music that is Ev’ryday Black, a Hip-Hop/Soul band with roots in Rock n’ Roll,  Funk, and Go-Go.  The weekly show provides other up and coming artists insightful hints into taking their craft to the next level. The show also features up-to-date hot topics, international, national, and local news and politics, and the latest in entertainment, music, and fashion.  “The Real Deal” a segment within the show, keeps it all the way real as Ev’ryday Black discusses controversial topics and lead thought provoking discussions with invited panelists.

The new radio show will be broadcasted through Listen Vision Recording Studios online streaming website,, where the broadcast of Ev’ryday Black Radio will stream live. Now broadcasting in all fifty states and over 100 countries worldwide, Listen Vision Recording Studios’ Listen Vision Live/WLVS Radio is the largest streaming-online broadcasting brand in the DC metropolitan area.

Ev’ryday Black was created back in 2007 by bestfriends J’Evryday and Dre BlackCombining the most talented of musicians from across the DMV,  Ev’ryday Black was birthed from the roots of  Soul, Hip-Hop, Funk with hint of that DC sound Go-Go.  The band had a brief stint at the Ras Dashen and the R & R, before disbanding in 2008. J’Ev’ryday went on to form Ev’ryday Baby and Dre Black created a smoother form of Ev’ryday Black, Dre Black & Egocentric.  Dre Black & Egocentric had the pleasure of performing at the  DC Summer Fest, Black Family Reunion, and other special performances throughout 2009-2010.  Currently, Ev’ryday Black is back and stronger than ever with an ongoing gig at Haydee’s Lounge, and have recently performed at Indulj Lounge, the Ev’ryday Black Appreciation and Community Day, and the IUPAT DC 51 2nd Annual Car Show.

For additional information please contact Dre Black at or J’Evryday at



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