Beyonce Premiere’s HBO Movie: “Life Is But a Dream” in New York with Oprah, Jay-Z, and Solange

 photo 161608103-L_zps1c1a590d.jpg

Beyoncé Knowles has showcased her Executive Producer/Director work to the world.  The premiere of her “Life Is But A Dream” HBO documentary went down at the Ziegfeld Theater in NYC Tuesday night.

 photo spl495101_030_zpsd1633899.jpg

 photo beyhbo_zps3d505555.jpg

 photo 161608106-L_zps829ee2ef.jpg

 photo 161605316-L_zps0aefd858.jpg

 photo media_27597868_zps84891625.jpg

 photo 182dc93550305a05290f6a70670039b5-L_zps57f3f4a7.jpg


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