SMH: Deaf Man Stabbed After Sign Language Mistaken for Gang Signs

It’s already natural to have a strong heart for the disabled, and when you hear about something like this, it only makes things worse.  The growth of gangs in the black community is one of the most painful things to watch, especially when innocent people are affected.  This man didn’t deserve to die, and it’s shameful that this kind of ignorance overflows in many of our communities everywhere.

A deaf man in Burlington, North Carolina, was stabbed multiple times after his sign-language conversation with another deaf man was mistaken for gang signs.

The incident took place Wednesday afternoon on East Morehead Street, where 45-year-old Terrance Ervin Daniels was exchanging words in sign language with another man.

Police say Daniels was suddenly approached by 22-year-old Robert Jarell Neal, and stabbed multiple times with a kitchen knife.

He managed to make his way to a nearby intersection, where he collapsed on a patch of grass.

Emergency services eventually made their way to the scene and transported Daniels to Alamance Regional Medical Center in stable condition.



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