Rapper Mystikal To Star In Adult Films If Rap Career Fails

The former No Limit Records artist Mystikal apparently has no limit to his talent. Paparazzi caught up with the rapper recently and he told them he was going to start a career in porn if his music career didn’t take off again.

The rapper told paparazzi that he already has history in the porn industry. He won an AVN award in 2003 for an adult movie he made (although he didn’t actually perform in it). When asked who he’d want to work with him in his first flick, he said Pinky. “She’s a bad bitch. I’ll take her down in a second,” he said about the female porn actress.

In 2003, the rapper pleaded guilty to sexual battery and extortion and was sentenced to six years in a state prison. The rapper admitted to forcing his hairstylist to perform sex acts. His two bodyguards accompanied him in the act, forcing the woman to perform oral sex and accusing her of stealing $80,000.

The rapper initially claimed the incident was consensual, but a videotape was found at his home shortly after the accusations were made. Negotiations during the trial held the videotape from being entered as evidence and Mystikal  agreed to the plea bargain offered by the prosecution, avoiding the mandatory life sentence for sexual battery in Louisiana and expecting to receive probation. Bodyguards Leland “Pokie” Ellis and Vercy “V” Carter also pleaded guilty to sexual battery.


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