Gabby Sidibe Stuns for NYLON Magazine

Gabby Sidibe gets glammed up for the latest issue of Nylon Magazine.  In the new article, she dishes on everything from her weight to her recent weight loss, and her childhood.

Check out the pics below and click the link for full article:

On writing her memoirs:

“A lot of people will write a book and pretend that whatever they are writing about they are done with, and now they are perfect. I’m not perfect. I am just as fucked up. I am who I am, and all of this shit in my life will be a struggle forever…but I’m fine. Well, I’m becoming fine.”

On relationship with her birth father:

“For a long time, my father was dead to me,” she says.  “I didn’t want to justify his actions, but it’s interesting to see what’s behind them,” she says. “The six-year-old in me is still pissed, but I don’t think I am a victim. I don’t want people to shed tears for me. He beat me, but we have all been through shit.”





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