Estate of Messy Mya Sues Beyoncé’s

The Estate of Youtube star Messy Mya is suing Beyoncé’  for sampling his voice for her hit single Formation.

According to reports the Estate of the late Youtube celebrity Anthony ‘Messy Mya’ Barré is suing Beyonce for $20 million for sampling his videos without permission or compensation.

Messy Mya was shot and killed in 2010.

Glenda McKinley, a spokesperson for the law firm representing Barre, Rodney & Etter, told NBC News that while Barre was originally “thrilled” to hear her brother’s voice included on track by a singer that both she and her late siblings were fans of, the lack of acknowledgment or compensation soured her.

According to McKinley, Barre has tried to reach an understanding with Beyoncé’s camp for months but have not made progress. Meanwhile, she was forced to brush aside questions about whether she was receiving royalties for the track.

“That’s not paying homage to someone,” McKinley quoted Barre as saying.

A representative for Beyoncé could not be immediately reached for comment.


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