August Alsina Announce New Album “Drugs,” Releases New Song, Take a Listen:

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One of my favorite male R&B singers of the new school has released a new song.  August Alsina announced that he will be releasing a new album entitled “Drugs.”  He also released a song of the same title on his Soundcloud.

According to August, the title is a reflection of a major realization the singer had while crafting new music.

“I realized how addicted to certain ways of living life I was, addicted to chaos, drama, confusion,” he said. “Lately, for me, it’s been about breaking the cycle and creating a new normal. That new normal is love. I have a newfound addiction. Through love and beautiful women, I’ve been able to find myself, reach higher places within myself.”

This marks the start of a new era for the singer. “Sooooo fucking excited to finally beable to release new music!!!!” he wrote to fans. “Thank you all for being so patient with me on my journey… Im so proud to share all of the newness with yal & spread vibrations of love through the music.”


Take a listen to the song below:



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