Did Future Sell Stories to the Media to Defame Ciara’s Character???

After a court deposition between Future and Ciara was leaked.  It exposed some keys things that has been discussed throughout the very public break up between the two.  On one hand Ciara has been sticking to her story and on the other end, Future refuted her claims.  Now it has come to light that Ciara was telling the truth the whole time, at least according to the court documents.  Take a look at some of the key points that have derived from the deposition:

Key points below:

1. Future’s response to his tweet about paying $15k in child support was based on what he believed Ciara wanted to ask for.

2. Future’s response to whether he intended to cause Ciara reputable harm included answers like “I’m not sure” and he doesn’t care if his words caused may have damaged her.

3. Future’s response calling Ciara a controlling b*** included the position that he didn’t say her name. When asked who he was talking about he said “baby Future’s mom.”

4. Future wants a public apology from Ciara about a tweet she may have published about a stupid and ignorant person. He can’t recall when or even if it was about him. When asked if he thought he was stupid and ignorant he said yes.

5. Future was a “source” to TMZ in order to slant media coverage regarding custody arrangements saying he won custody; when in fact the court provided only temporary visitation at twice a month.

He also told an interviewer that Ciara did not want him to meet her fiancé when in fact he refused to speak to her fiancé over the phone.

6. Future says he is not sure if he can stop talking about Ciara.

This includes disparaging tweets about Ciara not allowing him to see baby Future because she had a business obligation on the days he randomly demanded to see the child. Future admitted in his deposition that Ciara never flatly denied him time with their son yet tweeted otherwise.

7. The sponsor for the second leg of Ciara’s tour pulled out because of the negative public statements Future made about her to which Future responded that he does not care.

8. Shortly after the deposition Future’s countersuit against Ciara was dropped.

9. Future has since settled 1/5 suits against him, including one by another former manager claiming he did not report taxable income and owes them over $100k. His suits with Rocko and his first baby mother are still pending.


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