MiMi Faust Responds to Stevie J Lesbian Jab

Earlier this week, Stevie J made it clear that he was not pleased about his baby mama MiMi Faust’s new lesbian relationship.

MiMi fires back!! She tells Page Six:

“[Stevie J] actually hasn’t had a conversation with me. I was very insulted by [what he said]. He left his family to be with someone else and who I choose to date isn’t any of his business.”

“He’s known [I’ve been with Chris] for a year and four months. He makes it’s seem like two women can’t raise a child and that’s so insane. This is not 1965.”

“Eva doesn’t know that Chris and I are like that. I don’t have any type of PDA in front of my daughter with Chris and Eva just looks at her as mommy’s friend.”

“If I get really serious with Chris and we’re going to be life partners, of course I will let Eva know that this is something more than just mommy’s friend. I have to be very certain about that first … but if I can live through that whole sex tape thing this is a walk in the park.”


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