Meek Mill Denies Attacking Quentin Miller Over Drake Ghostwriting Fiasco

Arguably one of the biggest rap beefs last year was started after Meek Mill called himself exposing Quentin Miller as Drake’s ghostwriter.

Now Quentin admits Meek and his Dream Chaser posse jumped him after he denied the claims but Meek says Quentin is lying.

Quentin Miller revealed the fight on Vlad TV claiming Meek tried to force him to retract his statements in front of paparazzi but when he refused they jumped him.

Quentin tells Vlad,

“I shed blood in the Nike store.”

 “I’m not a street n***a so [Meek] you can have it. You can have the tough title – that doesn’t do anything for me.”

Meanwhile Meek’s camp denied Quentin’s claims telling TMZ there is no video footage of any fight.


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