Check out ‘The Blvck Broadway Show’ Podcast f/Akil


Discover Blvck Broadway!! A refreshing source to artistic and thought provoking content, lead by the host Akil who draws his listeners by way of teaching, enlightenment, and overall good discussions about the things that affect the Urban culture within the city of Washington, DC.  Shedding light on “Black Broadway,” which  U. Street was the nation’s Black Broadway, and the heart of African American business and culture in Washington, D.C. Located near Howard University, the U Street neighborhood was home to Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington. Its theaters and clubs hosted some of the great names in American jazz –Cab Calloway, Pearl Bailey, Sarah Vaughn, and Jelly Roll Morton, to name a few.

Make sure you tune in each and every week, as “Blvck Broadway” provides a unique listening experience and have you anticipating the next epidsode.

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Check out a few podcast episodes below:


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