Matt Barnes Addresses Derrick Fisher Incident

Matt Barnes made headlines yesterday when he reportedly confronted former friend Derrick Fisher over his estranged wife, Gloria Govan.  He told ESPN that he went to his former home with Gloria to check on his sons out of concern after a facetime session where one mentioned Derek was at the house.  At 10pm.  Matt also said he only drove 15 minutes tt he house, not 95 miles.  Check his account below:

According to Barnes he had no intentions of driving to his ex wife’s house to confront Fisher, he was actually going to check on his son. Barnes says that he got a text from his son, who was at home with his ex-wife, and immediately his concern rose. I’m like, first of all, why are you still up? It’s like 10 o’clock at night?’ ” Barnes said. “So I text back, ‘I love you and I miss you, too.’ Then I Face-Timed him. I’m just like, ‘Hey, what’s up buddy?'” Barnes went on to say that he knew something was wrong when his normally “rambunctious” 6-year old wasn’t acting as himself.

“When I saw his face, he was just sitting there, and I knew something was wrong. I was like, ‘What’s wrong, Carter?’ and he shook his head, ‘No.’ Then he lays his head down on the couch, puts a pillow in front of his face and says, ‘Mommy’s friend Derek is here.’ Noting that he could see the look in his son’s eyes.

Barnes also wants to clear up the “driving an hour and a half” rumors. I can’t believe people think I was some maniac driving 95 miles and listening to Tupac to go beat somebody up,” Barnes said. “No. I live 15 minutes away, and I was going over to check on my kids because they seemed uncomfortable. That was my main reason for going over there.” On his relationship with Fisher, Barnes says that they were once “close friends” but “some things” have happened to change that.


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