The VMA’S: The Looks


It’s safe to say that the VMA’s this year was as crazy as it gets.  With Miley Cyrus as the host, only one could speculate the craziness that would follow.  Take a look at some of the fashions of the night fom your favorite celebs:

2015MTVVideoMusicAwardsArrivalsAuwzeGPjC5Zl 2015MTVVideoMusicAwardsArrivalsc4IjRyZty-el 2015MTVVideoMusicAwardsArrivalsKUAV8DBsfikl 2015MTVVideoMusicAwardsArrivalsp5GGzM3EiD_l 2015MTVVideoMusicAwardsArrivalsPub_2tPTaorl 2015MTVVideoMusicAwardsArrivalsswNKXpn99XDl 2015MTVVideoMusicAwardsArrivalswwaV3s4Sk7zl 2015MTVVideoMusicAwardsArrivalsYkn81Z8mFOElAmberRose2015MTVVideoMusicAwardsRedD883AbrybJRl Ciara2015MTVVideoMusicAwardsArrivals30o5szypDeQl meekfinger NickiMinaj2015MTVVideoMusicAwardsArrivalsAOejpHgLwoFl NickiMinaj2015MTVVideoMusicAwardsReduudoWGcVJVPl RitaOra2015MTVVideoMusicAwardsArrivals9FNzaCNeOoDl Tinashe2015MTVVideoMusicAwardsArrivalsmmd1EIw2lqll Wale2015MTVVideoMusicAwardsArrivalsTySD7TNtDWVl


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