Check out Jay Z’s B’Day Photos in Iceland!


Beyoncé and Jay Z traveled to Iceland to celebrate Jay Z’s B’day in true Carter style. Mr. and Mrs. Carter embarked the freezing cold while living it up in style, giving everybody relationship goals for 2015!!!  Check out the hot pics in the blistering cold atmosphere:

IMG_2468-800x800 IMG_2508-600x600 IMG_2615-800x800 IMG_3575-600x600 IMG_3598-600x600 IMG_3684-800x800 IMG_3729-800x800 IMG_3770-800x800 IMG_3867-600x600 IMG_3941-600x600 IMG_3953-600x600

P1012532-600x600 P1012537-800x800 P1012573-600x600 P1012579-600x600 P1012597-800x800 P1012621-800x800 P1012646-800x800 P1012653-800x800 P1012663-600x600 P1012671-600x600 P1012738-600x600 P1012753-800x800 P1012768-600x600


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