Kevin McCall Calls Eva Marcille Crazy?

Back in April model / actress Eva Marcille was granted a restraining order against her baby father, singer Kevin McCall.

Is Kevin the real one who needed the restraining order…?

A couple days ago Angela Simmons posted theater tickets from an evening showing of ‘Gone Girl’ branding the antagonist a ‘crazy lady.’

That’s when Kevin reposted Angela’ review and said, “Some of us men go thru that in real life,” leading many to believe he was referring to his troubled relationships with Eva Marcille.


One thought on “Kevin McCall Calls Eva Marcille Crazy?

  1. I just read your blog The Shattering and it made me recall an epsdioe in my life quite similar. I was 23 yrs old, 7 months pregnant with my second child and just had the millionth fight with my then husband about his addiction, inability to keep a job, and total disregard for his family responsibilities. I was in hysterics, crying, ran out the door, ran four streets away to a small park, sat on a swing and sobbed uncontrollably(in the pouring rain). I thought the rain drowned out my sobs, but a nearby neighbor came out, invited me into their home, a complete stranger, to calm down. I sat awhile, then calmly returned home and continued to live in hell, until I got the strength to leave 5 yrs later. I guess something just snapped inside me thank God for that. I, too, survived, and so did my daughters who are now 37, 33, and 31. Keep on keepin’ on life will get happy and you will be loved!

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