Beyonce Releases Pt. 3 “Run N Gun” Video Documentary and “Yonce” Video

As her new album reached 1 million US sales and a second week at No.1 on the Billboard chart Beyonce releases the Yoncé video.

In part 3 of her series of how she came up with and planned her platinum seller BEYONCE,  shows her and Jay Z  behind the scenes of their new hit single “Drunk In Love,” and in the studio while recording it with Kelly Rowland and the Dream rocking out in the studio with them, and  Beyonce explaining why she went rogue for this album.

“I’m trying to rebel against perfection…..It’s really about fun, art….you can’t plan it.  If it was my choice, I would never have a permit.  I would just get in the car and just shoot.  Trust me, I tried.”


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