Tamar Braxton Digusted With “Hot Sugar” Video, Blasts Rihanna’s Photographers for Not Following Through

Tamar Braxton has been in the media lately and some may say for the wrong reasons.  She just released her highly anticipated video for “Hot Sugar,” however many of her fans were displeased in the final edit.  Tamar is claiming that video directors/photographers  Gomillion and Leupold ditched her to travel the world with Rihanna and shoot her clothing campaign and tour overseas. According to Tamar, when Rihanna called the guys to come out to South Africa and other parts of the world to shoot a photography project, they ran off without finishing the edits on her music video.  She left this lengthy message o n their Instagram page:

I think you guys are very talented…. But the way ya’ll did ME for that #hotsugar video was pure F**KERY! Not only did u NOT shoot the Treatment there were NO clear shots of 1 take. I’m not at @badgalriri status yet. And I’m Sure you won’t do her like that…. Shoot a video. Get paid and disappear… for ME to hire and edit a bunch of nonsense for the fans I do have to see…. And that’s not right because not only if you had filmed the treatment we would have had an amazing video but I wouldn’t have to contact you by Mistake on one of my Favorite artists ig!…… the other fucked up part is that you didn’t even attached your name… and if people would have thought it was brilliant…. Cause MY treatment was… u would have blasted the video ya’ll name everywhere! U live & you learn. But I HAD to tell you how I felt.


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