Future Files $1.5 M Lawsuit Against Drake for Dropping Him from Tour


After getting dropped from the “Would You Like a Tour?” project, Future is now planning to sue rapper Drake which could turn into a real rap feud.

Future was dropped shortly after making a few unflattering statements in a Billboard article about Drake’s album “Nothing Was the Same.” During the interview, Future was expressing why he felt his delayed album “Honest” was better than many of the rap albums out right now.

Drake made an album that is full of hits but it doesn’t grab you,” he reportedly said. “They’re not possessive; they don’t make you feel the way I do. I want to make you want to fall in love.”

Although Future claims that his words were misquoted in the article, Drake ultimately decided to drop the rapper from his tour.

The New York Post reports that Future’s earning were rather promising and that he would’ve made $40,000 per show. When asked by Drake’s team to take a pay cut, he refused and then got the boot.

Now, according to reports, Future is looking to file a lawsuit this week against Drake for lost wages in the amount of $1.5 million.

Attorneys for both Future and Drake had no comment on the matter.


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