Could Kelly Rowland Have Been Talking About This Guy in Her New Song??

 photo d2d3062ecadb11e18e3c22000a1e8b97_7_zps470d3a51.jpg

There has been a lot of speculation about the ex-boyfriend Kelly Rowland could have been talking about in her new autobiographical song “Dirty Laundry.”  Her ex-fiancee Roy Williams quickly set the record straight clearing his name.  He tweeted:

“So Kelly has a new song. Called #DirtyLaundry.. & what ever she’s saying in it ppl thinks it’s me. #wow #imnottheonlypersonshedated #wasntme”

And in response to someone tweeting him saying they thought it was actually her other ex, Cuda Love, Roy said:

“#bingo but thats not my place to speak on it.. #somanystoriespeoplejustdontknowaboutRT”

Cuda Love can be seen in the picture above in the middle of Ma$e and Camron.  Cuda Love  use to manage both Ma$e and Camron back in the day.


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