Emmett Till Estate Pens Open Letter to Lil Wayne

The family of Emmett Till is not letting Lil Wayne off the hook for disrespecting his memory.

Last month Lil Wayne caused a firestorm of controversy after an unauthorized remix of rapper Future’s track ‘Karate Chop’ leaked online containing a lyric from Lil Wayne saying he would ‘beat the pu**y up like Emmett Till.

In and open letter sent to Vibe Magazine the Estate of Emmett Till writes,

“How would you feel is your child was beaten beyond recognition, body mutilated and disfigured, torchered for hours, unnecessarily shot after being BEATEN TO DEATH, lynched in barbed wire weighted down by a 70 pound cotton gin fan and tossed in a river with intent to never be found again? “

Emmett Till was just a child! Emotional consumption of devastation, sadness grief and anger would impel you to your soul, similar to the response your lyrics evoked from our family. The impact of your words left us in awe with our hearts and our mouths wide open. Your lyrics reopened Emmett Till’s casket and reminded the world but most importantly my family including surviors of the tragedy, of the gruesomness of hatred and served as a reminder of the loss owe suffered. Although its been over 57 years it feels like yesterday. “

Read the letter in it’s entirety at http://www.vibe.com


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