For the Idiots!!!! WSJ Posts Video Proving Beyonce Sang Live (Watch/Listen)

The Wall Street Journal says it has obtained audio direct from Beyonce’s microphone that proves she actually did sing the National Anthem live at the Inauguration.  Pretty much everyone who knows me, knows that I’m in love with Beyonce, and when people started to make accusations of her lip-syncing I just had to smh, because anyone who knows music or live entertainment can CLEARLY see the woman is singing live. I do live shows all the time, and understand the technicalities of it all.  However, for people to make a big deal over this is baffling; considering all of the MAJOR issues and problems in the world.  People just love to hate on Bey.  Yes, she’s super-talented, beautiful, I can go on and on.  Yet people still find reasons to hate on one of the baddest to ever do it.  Insecurity, envy, and jealousy is a bitch!!  We ALL know that Beyonce sings better live than on her albums, and I’ve seen her on more than one occasion, and she’s does it all in REAL time.  I said I wasn’t going to comment or post about this, but enough is enough and you people need to find a better hobby!!

The news organization posted to their web site a video of their live feed of the show, which includes audio from Beyonce’s mic — and it’s clear she is singing along with the track.


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