Iyanla Vanzant Will Attempt To Fix DMX’s Life In The Upcoming Season On OWN

If you watched “Couple’s Therapy” two seasons ago, you’d recall the heartfelt breakdown DMX had as he talked about his mother not loving him as a child. The 42-year-old sobbed like a baby when he talked about the lack of a motherly influence, and that disconnect was used to explain why he’s cheated on his wife, Tashira, umpteenth times, not to mention his battle with drugs and alcohol. Though the VH1 show didn’t seem to mend much for X or his wife, who is rumored to have filed for divorce from him immediately after the series ended, I have faith Iyanla can help him get himself together.

Like Oprah, I think Iyanla can talk DMX through his emotions but also make him take responsibility for the way he’s mistreated his wife for 14 years. Oprah said in a recent press conference announcing Iyanla’s return for a second season:

“I am amazed at Iyanla Vanzant’s gift to just cut through the layers of people’s pain and their baggage and create a space in all of their hoarded junk emotionally. At the end of every show, you can see there is a crack, an opening for healing.”


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