“Basketball Wives” Star Bambi Allegedly Puts Hit Out on Co-Star Brooke Bailey


Once drama always drama, it seems that on or off camera the shade and the backbiting never ends. “Basketball Wives” stars Brooke Bailey claims Bambi put out a hit on her for somebody to beat up Brooke.  And she posted the proof.

Brook posted a message she received from a former friend of Bambi’s.  And it was a warning to Brooke to watch her back…because Bambi was recruiting young girls to beat up Brooke…for pay.


Brooke posted the above message from Bambo’s ex friend Starr and said:

This is the life that y’all about? Throwing drinks and hiding y’all hands? I ain’t never had to pay nobody to do my dirty work. I catch all my own fades and I don’t speak on shit I can’t deliver. On my turf I stay strapped and when I’m not in my streets I still got me!!! This is the lamest shit ever. Shout out to the young lady who sent me this. Your a leader and not a follower!!!! SMH!!!

She went on to say:

I must be #Winning … #ShineBrightLikeaDiamond

Trust it’s believable!!! Y’all don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. I just don’t say shit because bitches aren’t relevant to me!!!!

But it seems Bambi is denying it saying:

I’m outta here bruh … The attention these hoes seek and try to drag me into. I’m jus tryina beat up tow truck drivers wit my friends



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