Big Brother Always Watching: Cee Lo Green Spotted Eating Fried Chicken After Committing to eDiet Deal

Rapper/singer Cee Lo Green was seen eating some fried chicken after announcing his commitment to lose 50lbs.

Everyone knows you should never make a promise you can’t keep. Apparently, singer/rapper Cee-Lo Green has made a promise to lose 50lbs that he probably won’t be able to keep. Landing a weight-loss endorsement deal with eDiet just two weeks ago, paparazzi caught the star chewing into some fried chicken at ElPollo Loco fast food restaurant in Los Angeles.

In the final week of 2012, Cee Lo stated his focus on fitness for 2013 via Twitter and in an official statement: “With the strenuous rehearsals and big production of my upcoming Vegas residency, Loberace, kicking off in February, I’ve personally committed to making health a habit in the New Year. When I decided to make this commitment to myself, I needed a program that would work with my nonstop lifestyle, and eDiets has made it easy and convenient to make health a priority between recording new music, constant traveling and being a father.

Prior to his announcement of his partnership with eDiet, his daily diet (composed of fatty foods and alcohol was released via The Smoking Gun. According to the website, the star requires ‘a rotating feast of rib-eye steaks, chicken, and fish (tilapia, trout, tuna steaks, and mahi-mahi).’  The menu changes throughout the week, but daily ’24 fried jumbo prawns and 24 sauteed jumbo prawns’ are to be delivered to his dressing room. ’Staples include mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy, baked lobster macaroni & cheese, and baked butter covered dinner rolls,’ according to the website. A baked potato pie is delivered on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, and a peach cobbler on the remaining three days of the week.’ So now we all see why it’s critically important that he gets serious about this diet before his eating habits get the best of him.


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