Make Sure You Cast a Vote Today If You Haven’t Already!!!

Please if your registered to vote, make sure you excercise your right.  Our predecessors have fought long and hard so that African-Americans and women could have the opportunity to cast a legit vote in the USA.  This election has been a tight race, and will impact our lives on many levels if we don’t vote, and if we don’t vote correctly!!  Let’s make the right choice!!  #VOTE #VOTE #VOTE

VIA Washington (CNN) — President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney are neck-and-neck in national polls, while Obama has an edge in crucial battleground states that will decide todays’s election.

The dynamic sets up a possible outcome that has happened rarely in American politics and could undermine the credibility of the victor — Romney beats Obama in the overall vote, but the president gets reelected by winning the decisive Electoral College.

It would be the fifth time in history that the candidate who got the most overall support didn’t win the election, and the first time that an incumbent president prevailed without capturing the popular vote.

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