Tony Parker To Sue For $20 Million Over Chris Brown x Drake Club Fight

Tony Parker just so happened to be at W.I.P. night club in New York the same night that Drake and Chris Brown had their infamous altercation and bottles started to fly.   Mr. Parker happened to be a victim of one of the flying bottles and now he’s ready to file a lawsuit over the injuries he sustained himself.

The NBA player is suing the club and its operators for $20 million after suffering from a scratched cornea. While many are asking why such a large sum, I can certainly say that his career is pretty dependent on his eyesight, so to have anything go wrong in the realm of vision could affect him for the rest of his life.

His argument states, “ ‘There was bad blood between Drake and Chris Brown” and that the club made matters worse ‘by serving them and their entourage’s alcohol.’ ”


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