Jennifer Hudson’s Former Boyfriend Testifies that Jason Hudson Sold Drugs

The evidence is piling up against William Balfour in the murders of Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and 7 year old nephew but testimony from two witnesses, including Jennifer Hudson’s former boyfriend James Payton and her own sister Julia, may end up helping the defense…

From CBS Chicago

James Payton, who grew up in Englewood and has known both the Hudsons and Balfour for 20 years, said he stopped by the Hudson home almost every day.

In the month of the murders, Payton saw Balfour outside an apartment building across the street from the Hudson’s house 30 to 40 times.

He said, about a week before the murders, he saw Balfour selling drugs outside the building.

However, Payton also testified that Jason Hudson occasionally sold drugs, which might bolster the defense’s claim that the Hudsons were killed over Jason’s drug dealings, and that Balfour had nothing to do with the killings.

Payton, who said he used to date Jennifer Hudson, is at least the second witness to testify Jason Hudson sold drugs. Julia Hudson also admitted her brother was a drug dealer.

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