Tyler Perry Gives Bobbi Kristina a Job

Tyler Perry, who spoke movingly at Whitney Houston’s funeral, has given Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina a recurring role on one of his TV series.

For Better or For Worse was recently picked up for a second season on TBS and Bobbi Kristina has joined the cast.

Via Straight from the A,

Tasha Smith’s character owns a beauty salon on the series and Bobbi Kristina will be featured in a recurring role as the daughter of one of the stylists in the her shop.

The up and coming actress has been spotted coming and going from Tyler Perry’s Atlanta Studios for a few weeks now and spies say that her play brother/boo Nick Gordon is always right by her side.

Pat Houston has also been spotted at the facility, but I would guess it was to negotiate Bobbi’s contract to appear on the show.

The new season of For Better or For Worse begins July 2012.


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