Beyonce Plans to Lose 40 Pounds by the End of March???

Beyonce and Jay-Z really love their new baby, Blue Ivy Carter. But what Beyonce does not love, apparently, is her baby weight.  Unlike many new moms who may feel uncomfortable with their post-pregnancy shape, Beyonce isn’t content to just join Curves and occasionally skip dessert. Only four hours of exercise and a highly restrictive diet will do. She moved her personal trainer in to live with her.

How quickly does Beyonce want to lose 40 pounds?  By the end of March. Which is a little less than 3 months after the baby was born.

 While most parents of infants would relish the ability to  sleep past the wee hours of the morning, Lady B is waking up to the face of Marco Borges for the first of two two-hour long workouts, which she undergoes each day. Beyonce is also opting out on any and all comfort food, and existing on protein shakes and ice water.  I’m sure she will be back to her regular size or smaller in no time.  Especially, since she’s set to start filming “A Star is Born” any day now with Clint Eastwood.


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