Jennifer Hudson on the Witness List for Upcoming Murder Trial

Jennifer Hudson is on the list of witnesses in an upcoming murder trial for William Balfour, the man who is being charged with murdering Hudson’s mother, brother and 7-year old nephew.   The trial begins on April 9, and it is not yet clear whether or not Hudson will be asked to testify.

Balfour was the ex-husband of Hudson’s sister, Julia.  The bodies of Hudson’s mother and brother were found in the family’s South Side Chicago home in 2008.  The nephew’s body was found in a car a few days later.

Hudson told investigators that she’d known Balfour since high school and advised her sister against marrying him.   Even as she rose to fame, Hudson would check in with her mother every morning between 9 and 11 am.  When she didn’t hear back from her, she felt something was wrong.  She then sent her a text, and after hearing nothing back, she alerted authorities.

Hudson hasn’t spoken about the murders or her history with Balfour since the time of the slayings.  Prosecutors are also concerned about securing key testimony from Hudson’s sister Julia, since Illinois law considers communication between spouses to be confidential.

There was tension between Hudson’s family and Balfour’s over their relationship. Balfour is an ex-convict and had fought with Julia’s ex-boyfriend in the past.  Only Julian King, her sister’s son from a previous relationship, attended the wedding ceremony between the two.


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