Flight Attendant Becomes Viral Internet Sensation For Rapping Flight Instruction To Passengers [VIDEO]

Passengers on a U.S. flight were greeted rather differently by one member of cabin crew after he rapped the pre-flight instructions! And of course the whole episode has been posted up on Youtube. Those seated on their way to Oklahoma were certainly not going to switch off from the announcements before take-off on Southwest Airlines flight 372.  Grabbing the telephone that transmits throughout the cabin, one confident member of staff started by telling passengers that ‘they do something a little bit different on Southwest.’

Proceeding to get everyone clapping to a rhythm, the man went on to rap words that are often ignored by passengers eager to relax ahead of their flight journey. There was certainly nobody nodding off this time! Who makes up the cabin team, what drinks are on offer, and a warning to turn off electronic devices were all delivered by the happy-go-lucky attendant. He then tells the customers to ‘sit back, relax, have a good time. It’s almost time to go so I’m done with this rhyme.’ His crowd are obviously pleased at what they have witnessed, with loud clapping and cheering greeting the end of the performance. But he’s not quite finished as he delivers his special finale. ‘You will not get that on United Airlines, I guarantee you’, he adds as the passengers slink back into their seats.


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