Solange Knowles’ Business Partner Stabbed in New Orleans

Solange Knowles cancelled her Coachella DJ set this weekend after her business partner, Armina Mussa, is stabbed 10 times in a domestic dispute.

According to the NOLA Times-Picayune, Armina Mussa was stabbed by Arronesia Christophe, a friend of her roommate, after Armina ordered the woman to leave their house in the St. Roch area of New Orleans.

Arronesia, who has been booked on second degree attempted murder charges, told police she was visiting an old high school friend when Armina, who she described as her friend’s ex-girlfriend, came out of the house screaming at her to leave.

Arronesia claims she told Armina, “We’re just friends, why do I have to leave?” but Armina kept screaming so Arronesia grabbed a pocket knife from her car and told Armina to, ‘get back’ and ‘please back away’ before Armina grabbed her by the hair and began punching her. That’s when Arronesia claims she started swinging the knife. Armina was stabbed in multiple places on her body, including her neck, and remains hospitalized in critical condition.

911 was called and Arronesia stayed at the scene until police arrived.

Solange has been keeping a bedside vigil for Armina but was present for Arronesia’s first court hearing on Thursday. The NOLA Times-Picayune described Solange as looking disheveled and appearing very concerned.

Solange and Armina are co-owners of a French Quarter boutique and Armina is the creative director for Solange’s Saint Heron Records.

Arronesia Christophe mugshot


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