Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose Kiss and Make up??

amber rose and wiz khalifa

Via Hollywood Reporter:

Amber Rose, 31, and Wiz Khalifa, 27, are putting on a united front for the sake of their 2-year-old son, Sebastian, but there’s more to their relationship than just a friendly outing every once in a while! HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY has the scoop on how things are heating up for the duo behind closed doors.

Despite once slamming her husband for cheating, Amber is admittedly still in love, and it might just have a little bit to do with how great things are going for the duo physically!

“They’re having constant make-up sex. She’s telling her friends that it’s the best sex she’s ever had in her life,” an insider tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “She’s having the time of her life now that she’s back with Wiz and in bed with him, too.”

And with things working out in the bedroom, Wiz and Amber are even beginning to take their reconciliation public.

On Easter Sunday, the exes publicly reunited to spend the holiday with their son, and at Tamar Braxton’s Easter party, they were reportedly very affectionate with one another.

Then, on April 6, Amber revealed on Instagram that she was listening to Hoobastank’s “The Reason,” which features some very telling lyrics that seem to explain why she buried the hatchet with Wiz.

“I’m not a perfect person.There’s many things I wish I didn’t do. But I continue learning. I never meant to do those things to you,” the band sings in the 2003 hit.

Surprisingly, Amber and Wiz reunited after some pushing from WWE star John Cena, 37, who convinced the rapper to contact Amber before his appearance on a March 9 episode of Monday Night Raw.

“Wiz wanted Amber to see his performance and listen to it so they could be on a level where no hard feelings were being shared,” HollywoodLife.com has learned EXCLUSIVELY. “The gesture of having her listen to the song was the only thing that he has done to get them to talk more and actually start the reconciliation process. It was his conversation with John that was the start of everything.”


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