Still #NOJUSTICE for Trayvon Martin; They got it Wrong Again!!!!

Trayvon Martin

While myself like thousands around the nation and even the world learned the #notguilty verdict;  my mouth dropped in disbelief that in 2013 we still have so far to go as a nation, as a people, for BLACK people.  As an educated Black man, I am hurt, heartbroken and literally disgusted.   However, knowing our history and the struggles we had to endure, can I say I am really surprised?  I am so concerned for this upcoming generation and how blind-sided they have become.  We must continually educate and protect our young one’s by our own measures that they do not grow up in this world clueless.

Trayvon did not die in vain, because this history defining moment hopefully have changed how not only the justice system review some of their procedures and statues around gun control and civil rights but as Americans living in this country and how we respond as responsible human beings. I can sit and write forever but many hearts are heavy and everyone has an opinion, I pray for The Martin family and all the supporters who made their voices heard so that George Zimmerman could even go to trial.

Below check out what some of our notable celebrities had to say and their reactions:


Lil Wayne: Tampa was amazing but kame bak to my bus and saw da news…ain’t shit change, and I may never get to see it do so. I pray 4my kids & yours.

Santigold: OMG!What the fuck kind of verdict is that!So disappointed in our legal system right now.This is absolutely unacceptable! #georgezimmerman

Keri Hilson: I have no words for the verdict. But I know God is in charge. No words.

Jhené Aiko: wow

Chris Brown: Bullshit!

Diggy Simmons: Can’t even believe it… We cared so his name doesn’t go in vain. #RipTrayvonMartin

Meek Mill: He made out better than mike Vick….. And that was a simple dog fight! … It’s not about black and white or any other race..It’s about the value of a black kid life being very low in America..With a black president

The-Dream: One Day we will stop tearing each other Down and face Reality. Beyond Entertainment a Life of Color holds no Weight. Wake the Fuck Up!

Estelle: This is purely ridiculous. The fck kinda bs verdict is that??! My heart hurts for his parents right now. Just…


Trey Songz: Can’t even gather words to express my hurt for Trayvon’s family. Devastated

Hit-Boy: They care more about dogs for sure.

Wale: Lock a man away for dogfighting (which is wrong) for two years . But u can kill a. Child tho.

Melody Thornton: I want to have faith in our system but I can only honestly say I am so fucking angry that a life was lost and 1 spared in the wrong order

K. Michelle: Get the fuck outta here… This is just pathetic.

Rick Ross: My condolences continue to go the Martin family.

Brianna Perry: Speechless… Heartbroken… No justice! Not a single charge?! Total slap in the face. Unbelievable #YRB

Rihanna: This is the saddest news ever!!! #whatsjustice #pray4theMartinFamily

Dawn Richard: Praying for Trayvon’s family in this time of sorrow. This speaks volumes about our society and where we are in this time. Wow

Bridget Kelly: Race is an issue, but it’s not THE issue here. A child was murdered. A life was taken. And there is no justice served. Unacceptable.

Nelly: Holy sh#t….. WTH just happen AMERICA ????

Nicki Minaj: What are your thoughts? @BarackObama We’re allowed to disregard 911 operators, pursue and kill ppl now? But send lauryn hill to jail 4 TAXES … May God console the Martins at this time; as well as every other family that’s gone through this type of injustice.

LoLa Monroe: How devastating!! Praying for Trayvon’s mother and family..! Wow

Leah LaBelle: im sorry. this is unreal to me. im literally heart broken. sending so much love out to the family & loved ones of Trayvon Martin. i am speechless.

Missy Elliott: @Timbaland Wow! Smh! Its like Living in the Last Days! #speechless

Cassie: So sad. No words. #JusticeforTrayvon

Q-Tip: This is worse than Rodney king So crazy

Tamar Braxton: Going to bed. This has ruined my whole night. 😦 #JusticeForTrayvon

Miguel: shame, reputation always gets the benefit of the doubt. harsh reality. #Trayvon

Miley Cyrus: I feel sick. #RipTrayvonMartin

Russell Simmons: Prayers for the Martin family. … Only God knows what was on Zimmerman mind but the gun laws and stand your ground laws must change. What’s wrong with the world mama!!! #whereIStheLOVE #zimmermanVSamerica

Christina Milian: Sad.. The Florida court system made a major fail. #RipTrayvonMartin #JusticeForTrayvon.. So unfortunate things like this happens everyday

Earl Sweatshirt: disheartening news

?uestlove: i need healing. i wanna be responsible & a model example but there’s this voice in my head laughing like “pssh told you that you aint shit”

Lil’ Kim: #riptrayvonmartin Very sad. I just heard about the verdict. We need justice.

Kelly Rowland: #Disappointed. literally in tears right now, over the way a KILLER was found not guilty!!?KeepingTrayvon’s family in my prayers! In shock!

Azealia Banks: It is a very sad day. They ACTUALLY put Michael Vic in jail for killing some damn dogs, and they let Zimmerman free after killing an innocent child.

Omarion: SMH! #RipTrayvonMartin it’s sad how history continues to repeat itself.The ultimate judge [Jehovah God] will serve justice believe that!

The Game: I feel for his parents & family…… Lord knows my heart couldn’t hold the amount of pain they’re drowning in. #RIPTrayvonMartin

Ciara: Whenever Some One Has Done Wrong, They Will Have To Face It. No Matter What. God Will Handle It. For There Is No Power Greater Than His.

Lupe Fiasco: Nobody knows what really happened except trayvon and Zimmerman. The justice system relies on reasonable doubt not our emotions. The case should have never been televised as the potential to antagonize US race relations was, in my dumb, opinion too risky & unnecessary


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