Bobbi Kristina Brown Cause of Death Revealed

Yesterday a judge ruled the autopsy report for Bobbi Kristina Brown must be unsealed after a request by a news agency.

The cause of death has now been revealed.

According to the coroner Bobbi Krisinta Brown died as a result of “Immersion of face in water complicating mixed drug intoxication.”

“The drugs involved included marijuana, alcohol (ethanol), benzoylecgonine (a cocaine-related substance), benzodiazepines (medications used for sedation or to treat anxiety), and morphine.”

“It could not be determined from toxicology tests whether the morphine resulted from heroin use. The other question which arises is manner of death. In other words, did death result from natural causes such as disease, an intentional act such as suicide or homicide, an unintentional cause (accident), or in an undetermined manner when a more specific manner of death cannot be established.”

The news agency, WXIA, wanted the records for a report on the heroin epidemic in Bobbi Kristina’s upscale Atlanta neighborhood.

Apparently the number of affluent young people who have died from heroin overdoses, including three of Bobbi Kristina’s friends, has dramatically increased in recent years.

While investigating WXIA found Bobbi Kristina’s autopsy report was the only overdose death located in the hot zone that was sealed.

Rock Legend, David Bowie Loses Bout with Cancer

MOJO magazine's David Bowiec cover shot

Rest in Power to David Bowie, Rock Legend and Pioneer, husband to Supermodel Iman.  According to an official assessment the singer-songwriter, who had been suffering from an unspecified cancer, passed away yesterday.

“David Bowie died peacefully today surrounded by his family after a courageous 18 month battle with cancer,” the statement explained. “While many of you will share in this loss, we ask that you respect the family’s privacy during their time of grief.”


Nick Gordon Injected Bobbi Kristina with Lethal Drug Cocktail?

Shocking new details from the civil lawsuit filed against Nick Gordon in the death of Bobbi Kristina Brown have come to light.

From 11 Live:

Bobbi Kristina Brown died after Nick Gordon injected her with a toxic mixture and then placed her unconscious in a bathtub, new documents in a civil lawsuit allege.

The new allegations are made in response to Nick Gordon’s motion to stay discovery proceedings in the civil lawsuit filed by Brown’s conservator. Discovery is the legal procedures used to gather evidence for a lawsuit.


Jeannette teen

Police say they arrested a teen for fatαlly  shooting a classmate after he took a  selfie with the deαd body.

WPXI reports that 16 year old Maxwell Morton was charged with the mυrder of Ryan Mangan after posting a selfie to Spapchat where Morton posed with Mangan’s body.

Authorities say a woman called police after her son received the Snapchat photo.  The selfie “depicted the victim sitting in the chair with a gunshot wound to the face.  It also depicts a black male taking the selfie with his face facing the camera and the victim behind the actor.  The photo had the name ‘Maxwell’ across the top,” according to a police affidavit.

The caption to the photo read, “Told you I cleaned up the shells,” and “Ryan was not the last one.”

Mangin was found shot to deαth in his mother’s home at 10PM on Wednesday.

Morton admitted to the crime after police found his 9MM handgun along with bullets that match those taken from the crime scene. Morton is being charged as an adult with criminal homicide and mυrder in the first degree.

Classmates gathered to remember the slain teen on Thursday. Most say they are struggling to understand why anyone would want to harm the teen.

“(He’s) always cracking jokes, always being goofy, always wanting to be funny – the class clown. (He) wanted all eyes on him,” Francesca Malak, one of Mangan’s friends, told WPXI.

The teen’s family is taking donations to help pay for his funeral. He was a junior at Jeannette High School.

A$AP Yams Sudden Death Shocks Hip Hop Community

A$AP Mob founder Steven ‘A$AP Yams’ Rodriguez found dead in New York…

Details are sketchy but multiple sources have confirmed that A$AP Yams has died. He was 26.

According to reports Yams struggled with his sobriety and entered rehab in July 2014 however his very last Tweet, “Bodeine Brazy,” has caused speculation that he may have relapsed.

Artist Spotlight: #RIP Akil Nadir (Claude Lumpkins) DC Hip-Hop Extraordinaire

Unfortunately, on Friday, April 11th, 2014,  a genuine, down to earth, fellow artist, lyricist, MC, Father, and friend departed this earth.   They say the good die young but also the creative geniuses of the world.  His music touched many and inspired a plethora of artists and like minded individuals especially in the Washington, DC area. His kind and humorous demeanor would have you in tears but brought the kind of joy that would make anyone smile. I dedicate this blog post to Claude and to spread his message of peace and consciousness.  We must take the time out to uplift and reach out to our fellow brethren who may or may not be going through the struggle.  It is our duty to lend helping hands when our loved ones are in need and to continue to support them no matter what!!  Sometimes we don’t know the personal battles that people go through, which is why it even more important to wholeheartedly love one another without judgement and pray for one another.  For those who didn’t know Claude, check some of his music and links out below.  REST IN POWER BROTHER!!

Akil Nadir was a Washington, DC native who spent his teenage years immersed in the city’s burgeoning hip hop scene, popping in and out of street corner ciphers and performing in night clubs in the historic U Street neighborhood. He gained a reputation for being fiery and unpredictable with a work ethic that defied his age. After graduating from Duke Ellington School of the Arts, he attended North Carolina Central University in Durham―classmates with Foreign Exchange members Phonte and Yahzarah―and earned a Bachelor of Arts in English. Soon after graduation he returned to his hometown and discovered his second passion, education. He has been teaching English in DC ever since―eventually earning a Master of Science in Educational Administration―but has never given up on his first love. He has enjoyed some modest popularity over the years as an independent artist, but he remains one of the capital city’s best kept secrets. His style is a healthy combination of bravado, consciousness and humor. It seems like an impossible balancing act, but he pulls it off effortlessly. In the end, it feels like someone crammed all your favorite emcees into one body, taught it to read and then let it loose on the world.

Support and Download his music HERE!!


R.I.P Lord Infamous of Three 6 Mafia, Dead at 40

Lord Infamous, founding member of Three 6 Mafia, died from a heart attack on Friday evening. He was 40 years old.  The rapper, born Ricky Dunigan, passed away during a visit to his mother’s Memphis home, according to Hollywood Reporter .

“He passed away in his sleep from a heart attack,” his half-brother, Three 6 Mafia member DJ Paul, told the website. “He said he was tired, he wanted to sleep. He sat down at the kitchen table, put his head in his arms to lay down … to get some sleep.”

His mother left the house for several hours and found him dead upon her return. Paul was informed of his death by Infamous’ mother and girlfriend.

“He’ll be remembered as a legend, everybody knew him as a legend, an icon,” said DJ Paul. “This year was going to make our twenty-fourth year in rapping together. His music, our music that we made together, was truly before its time.”

Josh Marks Diagnosed With Schizophrenia Before Committing Suicide


This is such a unfortunate story!! As I discussed on Ev’ryday Black Radio when we first discussed the story on Saturday, mental illness in the Black community is real.  Being a Social Worker myself and working in social services for over 9 years, I have seen first hand the stigma that is associated with anything involving therapy, counseling, “seeking professional help” etc.  Many in our community feel that people will be judgmental or disassociate with them if they are diagnosed with a disorder, which causes people who may be ill to deteriorate.  This may be case in point, where Josh Marks had been decompensating for awhile, and broke when doctors officially diagnosed him.

Via TMZ reports:

“Masterchef” star Josh Marks was diagnosed with Schizophrenia 24 before committing suicide … so says his mother, who claims the thought of dealing with more mental issues put him over the edge.

Marks’ mom Paulette Mitchell is saying the reality star completed an out-patient treatment program Thursday — where he was diagnosed with schizophrenia … according to a family rep.

Mitchell first told the Chicago Tribune the chef had finally come to terms with his bi-polar disorder … but “couldn’t bear the thought of another diagnosis.”

Paulette claims Marks was upset about the doctors assessment … so she spent the night with him and left the next afternoon to pick her daughter up from school.

A few hours later … she received a phone call from a family member saying people had called saying Josh was walking through a nearby alley clutching a gun.

Mitchell says she rushed over to the alleyway to find him — but instead discovered her son dead from a gunshot wound … with a revolver at his side.

His mother also admits … some of the Marks’ delusions centered around Gordon Ramsay, and that’s why he told cops back in July that the chef had possessed his body when he got arrested.

The family is hoping to start a foundation in his honor to help mental illness awareness.

‘MasterChef’ Finalist Josh Marks Dies From Apparent Suicide

Less than three months after he was arrested for assaulting a police officer at the University of Chicago, 26-year-old “Master Chef”  finalist Josh Marks has reportedly been found dead of an apparent suicide. According to TMZ, Chicago police were responding to a call of a woman asking for help Friday night (October 11).

 When they arrived at the scene, officers found a man dead from a gunshot wound to the head in an alleyway, with several sources telling TMZ the victim was Marks. Police believe the incident was a suicide and have allegedly found a weapon during their investigation..
At the time of Marks’ arrest in July, police say he claimed to have been possessed by “MasterChef” judge Gordon Ramsey who turned him into God. During the scuffle, officials say it took five cops to capture Marks, after he lunged at one and attempted to take his gun. Marks had previously disclosed that he suffered from bipolar disorder.

Adrian Peterson’s Young Son Dies After Alleged Assault

According to USA Today, Adrian Peterson’s son has been removed from the ventilator and has died.

Reports state that Adrian’s 2-year-old son was on life support after emergency responders found him unresponsive at his mother’s boyfriend’s Sioux Falls home.  The mother’s 27-year-old boyfriend Joseph Patterson has been charged with aggravated assault and aggravated battery of an infant.  And these charges will likely escalate to murder.

And apparently, this was not Patterson’s first issue with domestic violence.  The report states:

Patterson has a prior domestic abuse record with a different woman and child, having pleaded guilty to simple assault in an incident last year involving an adult female and juvenile male.