Artist Spotlight: #RIP Akil Nadir (Claude Lumpkins) DC Hip-Hop Extraordinaire

Unfortunately, on Friday, April 11th, 2014,  a genuine, down to earth, fellow artist, lyricist, MC, Father, and friend departed this earth.   They say the good die young but also the creative geniuses of the world.  His music touched many and inspired a plethora of artists and like minded individuals especially in the Washington, DC area. His kind and humorous demeanor would have you in tears but brought the kind of joy that would make anyone smile. I dedicate this blog post to Claude and to spread his message of peace and consciousness.  We must take the time out to uplift and reach out to our fellow brethren who may or may not be going through the struggle.  It is our duty to lend helping hands when our loved ones are in need and to continue to support them no matter what!!  Sometimes we don’t know the personal battles that people go through, which is why it even more important to wholeheartedly love one another without judgement and pray for one another.  For those who didn’t know Claude, check some of his music and links out below.  REST IN POWER BROTHER!!

Akil Nadir was a Washington, DC native who spent his teenage years immersed in the city’s burgeoning hip hop scene, popping in and out of street corner ciphers and performing in night clubs in the historic U Street neighborhood. He gained a reputation for being fiery and unpredictable with a work ethic that defied his age. After graduating from Duke Ellington School of the Arts, he attended North Carolina Central University in Durham―classmates with Foreign Exchange members Phonte and Yahzarah―and earned a Bachelor of Arts in English. Soon after graduation he returned to his hometown and discovered his second passion, education. He has been teaching English in DC ever since―eventually earning a Master of Science in Educational Administration―but has never given up on his first love. He has enjoyed some modest popularity over the years as an independent artist, but he remains one of the capital city’s best kept secrets. His style is a healthy combination of bravado, consciousness and humor. It seems like an impossible balancing act, but he pulls it off effortlessly. In the end, it feels like someone crammed all your favorite emcees into one body, taught it to read and then let it loose on the world.

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Ev’ryday Black Back at Haydee’s Lounge w/Special Showcase

Ev’ryday Black is back at Haydee’s Lounge for a special night celebrating the Ev’ryday Black Radio Show. Come out for a night full of special guest artists including:

Rizon Derron
Cool Chris
Danny Zuko
Ave Life Ent.
Tha Teem
Buddha Baby
All performing live!!

Ev’ry Day Black are building a community of talent and like-minded artists in the DMV. Not just a band, Ev’ryday Black is a lifestyle, and we’re building that energy everywhere we can. We’re using our internet radio show to expore the special talents that the DMV have to share with the world, and getting the word out as vest we can. The Jan 31 showcase is our first of many shows that will give our friends and fans a chance to catch the live performances of all the great talent we’ve been interacting with.

DJ Tempo will join us to keep the energy flowing.

Headlining will be Ev’ry Day Black, in our first show of the year at Haydee’s.

Purchase your tickets here:


Exclusive Premiere Video: Ev’ryday Black – “So Fresh”

2013-10-12 21.37.21-1

DC’s own Ev’ryday Black Band releases the visuals for their first single “So Fresh,”  which has been creating a lot of buzz for the Hip-Hop-Soul band.  Shot and recorded at DC’s Listen Vision studios last Summer, the video takes a look at the behind the scenes, in studio session as Dre Black and J-Ev’ryday lay down their vocals for the track.  “So Fresh” is Ev’ryday Black street anthem about looking and staying fly. One of their most braggadocios songs to date see’s Dre Black label dropping, and stating “if it ain’t got a label, then that just won’t do;” however the song was written in good fun.  The men of Ev’ryday Black are really not materialistic at all, but had to embody the boldness and go-go flavored tune to enhance the swag heavy track.  Get into “So Fresh” below:

Artist Spotlight – ‘M!xBreed’

Hailing from the DMV M!xbreed is bringing a fresh style to the Hip-Hop game.  With so many different artists, rappers, crews, etc mixing it up throughout the DMV, it takes a special breed to outshine the rest of the competition.  M!xbreed is doing just that making sure that he creates his own lane.  M!xbreed is an enigma to say the least. Everything you look for in an artist but nothing you’d ever expect. Lyrical, energetic, charismatic, M!xbreed consistently strives to not only be the best but also the most original. With a seemingly unorthodox style and flow makes him sound perfectly out of place.

M!xbreed began pursuing his passion after making a name for himself at Woodbridge High School (VA) with the first four bars he uttered. There was a group of guys banging on lockers & a trash can recreating the beat to Pharell’s “Grinding.” He walked in the hallway and said, “Grinding… Girls only thing in my mind B, Girls call me Mikey… Flow in my veins like I.V./ I mean I got it in the bag like an I.V./ Tell Timbaland I’m def (deaf), he should sign me”. Those 4 bars set the integrity for the rest of his life. He signed with DC’s number one independent recording label and booking agency G Town Entertainment/Music. Now, he does shows with artists such as Jeezy, Juvenile and Young Dro. Stayed tuned and watch the birth of the next “ONE.”  You can find his music on both iTunes and Amazon. Check out his latest single “Lost.”




Watch the video for “Lost” right here:


Make sure you follow up with MX Breed at the following links below:

The goal is not to change hip-hop the goal is to be viewed as its definition. 

– M!xbreed


Artist Spotlight: “Steeze Loueeze”

SteezeLoueeze’s avatar

When you come across fresh and new talent you gotta expose it to other people!! Steeze Loueeze is bringing just that to the table;  something fresh and new for the world to rock with.  He coins his music as “feel good music” which I’m sure everyone can appreciate and relate to.  He ranks at # 9 on the Reverbnation charts for his hometown Lawton, Oklahoma and has been expanding his brand by having his mixtape on Dat Piff, and performing with the likes of Future and Big Sean.  Get into Steeze Loueeze below and follow his movement to the top:

Born in Oklahoma City, Steeze Loueeze has moved beyond the streets of his life. Signing with G Town Entertainment/Music, he has finished  his debut self-titled  EP in 2013. This EP has given birth to his current hit singles  “LiL Baby”, “Swag Heavy”,“We Over” and “We Ride”. On youtube his videos have combined views of  1,668,157. Steeze Loueeze is surely on his grind in becoming a force to be reckoned with. He has also released a mix tape that can be found on titled “G’Nopoly” at
Steeze Loueeze
He has a current buzz and has performed throughout the country with multi platinum artist such Future, Big Sean, Young Dro, Kirko Bangs, 2 Chainz, Jezzy,  Juvenile and Roscoe Dash. G Town Entertainment/Music invested in his potential and will expand his music throughout the world.

More Info on Steeze Loueeze can be found at:

For booking call (888) 908-9698 ext 266, to holla at Steeze ext 568, for radio department ext 723