Artist Spotlight – ‘M!xBreed’

Hailing from the DMV M!xbreed is bringing a fresh style to the Hip-Hop game.  With so many different artists, rappers, crews, etc mixing it up throughout the DMV, it takes a special breed to outshine the rest of the competition.  M!xbreed is doing just that making sure that he creates his own lane.  M!xbreed is an enigma to say the least. Everything you look for in an artist but nothing you’d ever expect. Lyrical, energetic, charismatic, M!xbreed consistently strives to not only be the best but also the most original. With a seemingly unorthodox style and flow makes him sound perfectly out of place.

M!xbreed began pursuing his passion after making a name for himself at Woodbridge High School (VA) with the first four bars he uttered. There was a group of guys banging on lockers & a trash can recreating the beat to Pharell’s “Grinding.” He walked in the hallway and said, “Grinding… Girls only thing in my mind B, Girls call me Mikey… Flow in my veins like I.V./ I mean I got it in the bag like an I.V./ Tell Timbaland I’m def (deaf), he should sign me”. Those 4 bars set the integrity for the rest of his life. He signed with DC’s number one independent recording label and booking agency G Town Entertainment/Music. Now, he does shows with artists such as Jeezy, Juvenile and Young Dro. Stayed tuned and watch the birth of the next “ONE.”  You can find his music on both iTunes and Amazon. Check out his latest single “Lost.”




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The goal is not to change hip-hop the goal is to be viewed as its definition. 

– M!xbreed


Artist Spotlight: “Steeze Loueeze”

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When you come across fresh and new talent you gotta expose it to other people!! Steeze Loueeze is bringing just that to the table;  something fresh and new for the world to rock with.  He coins his music as “feel good music” which I’m sure everyone can appreciate and relate to.  He ranks at # 9 on the Reverbnation charts for his hometown Lawton, Oklahoma and has been expanding his brand by having his mixtape on Dat Piff, and performing with the likes of Future and Big Sean.  Get into Steeze Loueeze below and follow his movement to the top:

Born in Oklahoma City, Steeze Loueeze has moved beyond the streets of his life. Signing with G Town Entertainment/Music, he has finished  his debut self-titled  EP in 2013. This EP has given birth to his current hit singles  “LiL Baby”, “Swag Heavy”,“We Over” and “We Ride”. On youtube his videos have combined views of  1,668,157. Steeze Loueeze is surely on his grind in becoming a force to be reckoned with. He has also released a mix tape that can be found on titled “G’Nopoly” at
Steeze Loueeze
He has a current buzz and has performed throughout the country with multi platinum artist such Future, Big Sean, Young Dro, Kirko Bangs, 2 Chainz, Jezzy,  Juvenile and Roscoe Dash. G Town Entertainment/Music invested in his potential and will expand his music throughout the world.

More Info on Steeze Loueeze can be found at:

For booking call (888) 908-9698 ext 266, to holla at Steeze ext 568, for radio department ext 723

“It’s Ev’ryday Black….and We Back Back Back Back…”

Yes, we are definitely back and it feels soooo good.  April 7th was the first time Ev’ryday Black was on stage again since 2007 , and we had a rocking ass show with a great turn-out.  Now we are back each and every Saturday night with doors opening at 8pm, and the show starting at 9pm.  We got “ev’rybody”s” favorite drink on deck the Black Margarita and the newly concocted drink Ev’ryday Black for the cognac lovers.  It will be a good outing to get out have a few drinks, eat a little bit and enjoy some live music. If not this Saturday, just pencil us in for another.  Peace and Love    Thanks for the Support~


Dre Black was determined to have his own band to play his discography of music that he has been creating for over nine years. He started his own fashion consulting/branding company, “Everything Gold:EGO” in 2007, and has worked with various organizations, radio personalities, and local entrepreneurs in establishing his brand. On a conquest to promote his music he wanted a band name that will not only promote his music but the company brand as a whole. EGOcentric was created taking the call letters from “Everything Gold,” and adding the Centric part to give it that edge.
Dre Black was born in Washington, DC to Charlotte and Granville Bell.  He graduated from the prestigious Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Fashion Institute of Technology and Marymount University.  Dre started out singing in the church choir, he began to lead songs and his passion for song took over from there.  He has performed all over the DC Metropolitan area, as well as in New York and Atlanta. He brings a certain energy and vibe to the stage and has a humbling presence about himself.  He was featured in the DVD “Get Familiar,” with skateboarder Darren Harper, performed at WPGC’s “For Sisters Only” convention, and several of his original recordings have been featured on the top radio stations in Washington, DC.  He is also an entrepreneur, establishing his “Everything Gold (EGO) LLC brand in April 2009. “Everything Gold” is a production and image consulting company that partners with other artists, producers, and designers.  Dre’s passion for songwriting, music, dance, fashion, literary media, and social issues will open up many doors in an ever growing entertainment industry.  However; his drive and determination to succeed will elevate him to maintstream successs.

Craig Green was born in South Georgia, and raised all over. A veteran of numerous bands, he’s played Blues in Portland, Punk in Gainesville, Fla., Classic rock in Northern Virginia, and now Soul in D.C. A musical nomad, Craig has been looking to scratch the groovy itch that gets a dance floor shaking, while playing songs that get the head bone itching. His last gig took him all over the DC metro area playing bars and weddings, and any gig that let him groove on a stage for all the beautiful peoples. A fan of all music, the only style he has yet to get behind is Opera — “There’s not enough dancing in that, sorry man, I can’t go for it.” –

Talented, motivated, and creative are just a few of the adjectives used to describe Jasmine Buchanan! With music as her first love, Jasmine has always been a member of her church and school choir. As a little girl, she always dreamed of being a famous singer. As time progressed she did not abandon her dream, but decided working with music in a different capacity might serve as the better option. With a Bachelors of Art in Public Relations, and her current enrollment at Trinity University (Washington, DC) working on her Master’s in Business Administration, Mrs. Buchanan hopes to one day own her on Entertainment Public Relations Firm. Still working with music, but also utilizing her other God given talents. Mrs. Buchanan was born Jasmine Ferguson to Willie and Mary Ferguson on December 28,1987 in Washington, D.C and has been singing a sweet tune ever since!
A native of Baltimore, MD, Joel V. Holmes, Jr. began his musical journey on the kitchen floor – his instrument of choice: pots and pans. By the time young Joel reached the tender age of four years old, his parents found it wise to get him a real set of drums. Though Joel engaged himself in numerous other extra curricular activities, participating in band and playing drums in church was a steadfast desire for him. As a musical student of Ms. Betty McLeod at West Baltimore Middle School and Mr. Alvin Wallace at Baltimore City College High School, a rapidly rising Joel began to obtain the discipline and drive necessary to pursue a career in music. Upon earning a Bachelors degree  in Music Education from Howard University in 2009, Mr. Holmes began to further solidify his dream of a career in music. He continues to dig deeply as he teaches elementary school music in Washington, DC. To date, Holmes has performed and recorded internationally with various ensembles and artists. Through music, he aims to inspire others – as so many have inspired him.
Gerard Bingham hails from Greenbelt, MD.  He brings years of experience with a dynamic sound to the band.  Gerard’s rhythmic impulses can be heard through his use of congas, chimes, and other instruments of the percussion family.
Phree White began singing at an early age in a very traditional location: Church. Her vocal career started at the age of 7 when she formed a singing and songwriting group with three other girls from her church and began performing every Sunday. The group disbanded, but Phree retained her love of singing and performing. Always musically inclined, Phree not only used her voice as an instrument but began playing the violin at the age of 6, the piano at the age of 10 and the saxophone at the age of 11. “My mother always knew where I was in the house when I was growing up, because there was always something playing around me. The radio, an instrument, me…” After graduating high school, Phree moved to Washington DC to pursue a degree at Howard University. While there she continued to work on fine tuning her vocal abilities while showcasing her skills at local open mics and competitions and through collaborations with other local artistis. Phree had the good fortune of meeting Dre Black in 2008 and was approached about joining the Egocentrics in 2009. Together with the rest of the band, she is dedicated to expounding on the soul-rock genre and taking over the world. She has a huge Ego – EGOCentrics that is.