Chris Brown Makes a Splash at Debut Art Show

Chris Brown went hard in the paint at his debut art show. Following the launch of his Dum English collectibles toy line, the “Turn Up the Music” singer displayed his street art for the first time at a VIP event at the Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Breezy and contemporary pop artist Ron English, who designed Chris’ F.A.M.E. album cover, painted a life-size Dum English astronaut sculpture in front of guests including Bow Wow.

“My first art show!” tweeted Chris, who grabbed a 5 a.m. snack at the Sprinkles cupcakes vending machine.

Proceeds from the Dum English toy line will benefit Chris’ Symphonic Love youth foundation. If successful, it will expand into other areas including sneakers.

NIIIICE!!! Game Gets a Tattoo of His Children

Game is getting a tattoo he won’t regret. The family man inked images of his two sons, King Justice and Harlem, and daughter Cali Dream on his right leg. He put his trust in famed tattoo artist Kat Von D, showing off the latest addition to his tatted body on Twitter.

“Tat my kids on me so you know it’s REAL!” tweeted the Compton rapper, who is recording his new album F.I.V.E: Fear is Victory’s Evolution “@TheKatVonD is the nicest tattoo artist PERIOD!!!”

Added Kat, “Had such a blast tattooing @theGame’s beautiful kids today!”

Video: Common Performs at White House; No Mention of Controversy, Plus Actual Poem He Read

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Without mention of the controversy surrounding rapper Common’s participation, President Obama welcomed an audience to the White House’s “Evening of Poetry” Wednesday night, revealing that he, too, considers himself a poet.

“I have actually submitted a couple poems to my college literary magazine and you will be pleased to know what that I will not be reading them,” President Obama joked from the East Room of the White House Wednesday evening.

The president also spoke about the emotion of poetry.

“The power of poetry is everybody experiences it differently. There are no rules on what makes a great poem,” Obama said. “Instead, a great poem is one that resonates with us and challenges us and teaches us something about ourselves.”

Some critics of the participation in the White House event by Common were upset that the rapper and actor — who has recently appeared in a romantic comedy opposite Queen Latifah and contributed to a Jonas Brothers song — has previously slammed former President George W. Bush in his poetry.

During Wednesday’s celebration, Common recited lyrics to a rap song in poem form, which tipped his hat to the nation’s first African American president and started and ended with words of Martin Luther King playing over the loud speaker.

Here’s the poem in its entirety:

“I woke up with the sunshine. A sunshine I had never seen. There was light at the end of it. Reminded me to forever dream. I was dreaming I walked into the White House. With love on my sleeve. And love for each and every one of you. Reminding you to believe. These are the words of a believer achiever. Leader of the globe, feed the souls of those in need.  I bleed the blood of the struggle. Walking over troubled puddles. The hustle is in my chest. No hustle no progress. Extremities of life in this process. The birth of a son. The death of another. With love I caress both mothers. And told ‘em whose in control is the one that’s above is. I walk where money talks and love stutters. The body language of a nation. Going though changes. The young become dangerous. Spent into anger. Anger gets sent through the chamber. It’s tough when your own look like strangers. We are the sons of gangsters and stone rangers. If he could how would Ernie Barnes paint us? Look at the picture. It’s hard not to blame us. But time forgives in the shy where the young die often. Do they end up in a coffin because we haven’t taught them? Is it what we talkin’, we really ain’t walking. Dudes, hustlers, paid. How much did it cost them? I find myself on the same corner that we lost them. Real talkin’ in their ear like a walkman. My thoughts been around the corner to the world. So when I see them I see my baby girl. The Lord lives among us. The youngest hunger, recover. Means to get it by anyways necessary under pressure. Children feeling lesser with the spill upon the dresser. Killer, willer aggressors. Destiny’s children, survivors, soldiers.  In front of buildings their eyes look older. It’s hard to see blessings in a violent culture. Face against rappings. Sirens holsters – that ‘aint the way that Langston Hughes wrote us. So controllers on the shoulders of Moses. And Noah. We go from being precious to Oprah. Cultivated to overcome. Ever since we came over. Seize the day in the way that you can see the determined. The soul that keeps burning. Shorty’s know to keep learning. Lessons in my life are like stripes that we earning.  I took Grant’s advice that Christ is returning. Like a thief in the night. I write for beacons of light. For those of us in dark alleys and park valleys. Street hits spark valleys of the conscience. Conquerors of a contest . Even the unseen know that God watches. For one King’s dream he was able to Barack us. One King’s dream he was able to Barack us. One King’s dream he was able to Barack us.”

“Thank you and God bless,” Common said at the end of his poem, without referring to the controversy. “I appreciate being here.”

After Steve Martin’s band played following Common’s performance, President Obama stood up, clapping, and then brought everyone back onstage, thanking all of the performers by name.

Before exiting the stage, Obama gave Common a big hug.

Definitely, making a copy of this poem! Real, true, deep stuff!! Gotta love it!

Kanye West Debuts A Pricey Line Of “Risque” Scarves

Kanye West has commissioned a line of scarves with French design partnership M/M (Paris).  Starting Monday, Ye will be hawking five limited-edition designs, based on paintings George Condo made for the cover of the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album and Kanye’s other musical fantasies.

Kanye named them Power, Phoenix, Face, Priest and Ballerina, and each is set in a frame of gold lettering created by the M/M (Paris) team.

They will be collector’ items as only 100 prints of each scarf will be made and sold exclusively through M/M (Paris)’s website, and at French boutique Colette for 250€ ($364).

Met Costume Institute Gala 2011 Pictures

Beyoncé and Jay-Z hit the red carpet at the Costume Institute’s “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City today (May 2). All eyes were on hip-hop’s royal couple as they posed for photos together, Jay in a black-and-white tux and his wife in an ornate black-and-gold Pucci gown. The fashion and entertainment worlds collided at the star-studded event, which was dedicated to the memory of the late designer Alexander McQueen.

Check below for more photos of the fashion parade including Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Ciara, Keri Hilson, Solange, Swizz Beatz, Janelle Monáe, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Hudson, Bruno Mars, John Legend, Rihanna and more.

Kanye West’s Full V MAN Spread

Here is Kanye West’s full spread in V MAN magazine. The photoshoot was directed by none other than famed photographer Karl Lagerfeld.

Video: Chris Brown Flaunts Style with Fashionable Friends

Chris Brown

Chris Brown shares his passion for fashion in his latest “Breezy Art” webisode. This time, the stylish singer asks his collaborators Swizz Beatz, Big Sean, and Tyga to define their style.

“The clothes don’t wear you, you wear the clothes,” explains Chris, who prefers to shop at skate stores and independent retailers, as well as Urban Outfitters and American Apparel. He flaunts his unique style, sporting a gold gas mask, bow tie, and polka dot blazer during a photo shoot.

The fashion fiend is working on a collaboration with German brand MCM and launching his “Be Yourself” line, which teaches young people to “be themselves and not have to worry about being criticized or judged for being different or independent.”

Gotta love it!! One’s personal style is a true expression of self.  I know I have my own personal style, and for some reason always have since I was a child.  I think that’s why I’m constantly inspired by music, fashion,  and style;  the overall concept of art intrigues me.  Good to see these brothers doing what they do and being who they are.

Nicki Minaj Goes Tribal In Must-See ‘V’ Shoot

Nicki Minaj features in the latest issue of V Magazine.  Made up to resemble what can only be described as a modern take on African tribalism, Minaj’s shoot is eye-catching at the very least.