MempHitz Loses Lawsuit Against K. Michelle

Back in 2012 Toya Wrights’ husband Mickey ‘MempHitz’ Wright sued R&B singer K. Michelle, VH1 and Love and Hip Hop producer Mona Scott-Young for defamation of character claiming his reputation had been damaged by K. Michelle’s claims that he physically abused her and stole the advance money from her record deal.  The case is finally over and MempHitz has come out on the losing end.

According to The Atlanta Journal and Constitution,

… in depositions Wright acknowledged he got into a physical altercation with K Michelle in a Memphis hotel altercation in 2009 and had spent money from Jive Record’s budget for jewelry, not to help her career, and had sent a text message threatening to kill K. Michelle’s son.

It’s not defamation if it’s true. Case closed.

MempHitz, who had been seeking $50 million in damages, admitted earlier this year that the decision to follow his wife Toya Wright’s advice to sue instead of going on the show to clear his name had put a strain on his marriage

Nelly Arrested on Felony Drug Charges

Rapper Nelly arrested on felony drug charges in Tennessee.

According to reports Nelly was arrested around 9 am Saturday morning after the tour bus he was riding in was pulled over for not displaying the proper U.S. Department of Transportation and International Fuel Tax Association stickers.

After the traffic stop officers detected the odor of marijuana and searched the bus where they turned up weed, meth and guns and drug paraphernalia. Nelly was taken into custody, booked and released on $10k bond. His next court date is June 9.

New Song – A$AP Rocky – “M’s”

A$AP Rocky releases a new song called “M’s,” which he debuted live during his lecture at the Red Bull Music Academy in London.

“Me and Yams made a plan / Then I paid myself and I gave myself a Benz / Way before I became myself / I’d like to thank myself because I made myself the man,” he raps.

A$AP Rocky’s sophomore album At.Long.Last.A$AP will be released later this year.

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose Kiss and Make up??

amber rose and wiz khalifa

Via Hollywood Reporter:

Amber Rose, 31, and Wiz Khalifa, 27, are putting on a united front for the sake of their 2-year-old son, Sebastian, but there’s more to their relationship than just a friendly outing every once in a while! EXCLUSIVELY has the scoop on how things are heating up for the duo behind closed doors.

Despite once slamming her husband for cheating, Amber is admittedly still in love, and it might just have a little bit to do with how great things are going for the duo physically!

“They’re having constant make-up sex. She’s telling her friends that it’s the best sex she’s ever had in her life,” an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY. “She’s having the time of her life now that she’s back with Wiz and in bed with him, too.”

And with things working out in the bedroom, Wiz and Amber are even beginning to take their reconciliation public.

On Easter Sunday, the exes publicly reunited to spend the holiday with their son, and at Tamar Braxton’s Easter party, they were reportedly very affectionate with one another.

Then, on April 6, Amber revealed on Instagram that she was listening to Hoobastank’s “The Reason,” which features some very telling lyrics that seem to explain why she buried the hatchet with Wiz.

“I’m not a perfect person.There’s many things I wish I didn’t do. But I continue learning. I never meant to do those things to you,” the band sings in the 2003 hit.

Surprisingly, Amber and Wiz reunited after some pushing from WWE star John Cena, 37, who convinced the rapper to contact Amber before his appearance on a March 9 episode of Monday Night Raw.

“Wiz wanted Amber to see his performance and listen to it so they could be on a level where no hard feelings were being shared,” has learned EXCLUSIVELY. “The gesture of having her listen to the song was the only thing that he has done to get them to talk more and actually start the reconciliation process. It was his conversation with John that was the start of everything.”

Frank Ocean Announces New Album “Boys Don’t Cry”

Frank Ocean is Back.  The R&B star announced his new album on his official website along with the caption, “I got two versions. I got twooo versions…” and the hashtags #ISSUE1, #ALBUM3, #JULY2015, and #BOYSDONTCRY.

Frank Ocean has reportedly been working on the follow-up to his 2012 Grammy-winning album channel ORANGE with Hit-Boy, Rodney Jerkins, Lil B, Happy Perez, and Charlie Gambetta.

Zoe Kravitz Featured In Complex Magazine Opens Up About Eating Disorders

 photo zoe-800x1200-4-vn4.jpg

The beautiful Zoe Kravitz is featured in the current issue of Complex Magazine, where she talks candidly about her new found fame, growing up a Kravitz and her battle with Anorexia and Bulimia. You can also catch Zoe in the movie, “Insurgent,” which is in theaters now.  Check out some excerpts from Complex below:

On the desire to fit in:  “When I was younger. I really wanted to prove to people I was a normal human being, that I was cool, chill. When kids were mean, the first thing they’d say is, ‘She thinks she’s so fucking cool because her dad is famous. I just wanted to fit in.”

On being raised by Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz:  “She wanted to give me an opportunity to be a normal kid don’t think anyone knows how funny we are. It’s like this whole thing where people think we’re so cool and hippie and wear velvet…but we’re the fucking nerdiest people.”

On that time she met Ashton Kutcher: Once, when she was 15, Kravitz woke up to Ashton Kutcher cooking omelettes in her kitchen. “I [told my friend], ‘We don’t even know Ashton Kutcher. Why would he be here?’ ” Kravitz once explained on Jimmy Kimmel Live! “I went downstairs and had pimple cream on my face and was wearing a T-shirt. There he was, making an omelette. We sat there before school, and ate omelettes, not understanding why he was there.”

 photo zoe-800x1200-vn3.jpg

On her eating disorder: “I had a really hard time when I was 16, 17, 18. I started with the eating disorder in high school….” She trails off at this, and puts her hand to the side of her face, rubbing her right ear, and then dials back to the beginning of that thought: “Just [a hard time] loving myself.”

On being anorexic and bulimic: “I think it was part of being a woman, and being surrounded by [fame],” she explains, before backtracking: “I don’t think it was about the fame, but I think it was definitely about being around that world, seeing that world. I felt pressured.”


On being a Kravitz (and how it helps):“It was very easy for me to get an agent when I wanted to act, for obvious reasons,” she says earnestly. “And I don’t know, maybe it’s not because they thought I was talented—I wasn’t the most talented girl in the world when I was 15. It was because my parents were famous, and they were like, ‘Cool, maybe we can make money off of that.’ ” She’ll admit that things were handed to her. “I know so many talented people that do the most amazing things but they need to work at a restaurant. I don’t. I can make all the art I want and get paid to do it—it’s fucking crazy. I’m so thankful for it.”

On Drake: “I’m very flirtatious…[But] he’s family to me. He’s a really, really awesome dude. We inspire each other…We play each other music.”

Wale Tells Billboard, “He Wants Respect!!”

 photo Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 3.57.00 PM_zpsllvd9aky.png

Fresh off Wale’s newest release and fourth album “The Album About Nothing,” which currently sits at #1 on the iTunes chart, the DC rapper gave some perspective into his life these past few years and why he comes across as “angry” or “sensitive.”  Check out some excerpts from Billboard:

On him and an ex-girlfriend suffering a miscarriage

“The girl I was with, we tried for a long time to have a child. And when she finally did [get pregnant], she miscarried at 10 or 11 weeks. I was visualizing my child’s face. We gave it a name and everything. All of that went away. And a couple of months before that, one of my closest friends died in a car accident, a cousin that was there for me through blood, sweat and tears. So I go through all that and I go online and some white kid is saying, “You dumb ni—r, you’ll never be as good as J. Cole.” You put all that together…”

On why he’s impatient about getting respect

“I gave this my all. I’m not trying to whine about being critically acclaimed or getting in the door, but it breaks my heart. Everyone says, “Be patient. It’ll happen.” But all signs are showing, “No, it won’t happen.” I’m okay with people not liking my music but provide an intelligent reason for why you like or don’t like something or you’re a hater or a dick-rider. This is my fourth album. I want some respect. I want to go to a party and not have Katy Perry tell her security to move me out of the fuckin’ way. We do the same thing. I know there’s no union in the music industry, but have some respect. I want people to be like, “Your album’s just as good as Kendrick [Lamar]‘s or Esperanza Spalding or Beck.” I work just as hard as them.”

On why he cares so much about social media drama

The music industry. You can say I’m sensitive, but music is why I live. Other people have kids or a strong woman in their lives; all I have is my music. I constantly work my ass off and I’m not in these magazines — all I can go by is the people and what they say. People ask, “Why do you check social-media comments?” But what else do I have, bro? I don’t get no major articles. Nobody talks about Wale like that. So what do you do when you’re busting your ass and taking pills to stay up and be able to provide the right energy, and you’re not seeing the proper response?

On lack of confidence

My confidence was shot, so I’d be taking whatever to keep me in a good mood, to get me in the right mood for an interview. I’m not going into the details as to what I was taking, but there’s definitely something for that. Just like there’s a fuckin’ app for everything, there’s a damn pill for everything. Or something you can pour in your glass. I was depressed not being where I wanna be in my career when I’ve put the work in. I wasn’t sleeping. I was drinking all day and I didn’t have anyone to go to. I couldn’t fight it. Those are some of the demons I talk about on the album.

On not getting support from his mother

I’m Nigerian — my mother didn’t encourage me to do this. Even when [my first album] Attention Deficit came out and I had kind of made it, most parents would have been like, “My baby did it!” but I don’t have that. My mom didn’t come to my [youth football league] games. I posted a football picture on Instagram the other day. That was my fuckin’ rec’ coach on my [high school] senior night. My mom didn’t come to that. I can’t even explain to my mom what my job entails. She just knows that all of her bills are going to be paid. I didn’t have one-on-ones with my mom or dad. I was in juvenile facilities a lot. My point is that I grew up with the outside world meaning the most to me. This is in hindsight — I’m trying to figure out why I’m this way. I rely on the people’s opinions, because I don’t have much outside of that.

On frustrations in the business

I’m already on the side of Meek [Mill] and [Rick] Ross trying to squeeze in the picture. And I’m trying to keep a smile on my face. Imagine how you’d feel if someone who put in less work than you blew up? People say, “You’re such a bitch online.” That’s all I have — my opportunity to connect with you. I didn’t want to be the guy that everyone was like, “He’s got such a bad attitude.” But I’ve been through shit.

On what he learned working with Kanye West

How organized his shit is. He’s very organized and people listen. He has a staff that will listen to him. I have a staff whose mind tends to wander or they’ll act like I’m working for them. Even when Kim [Kardashian] is in there, things are centered around the breadwinner and creator. And he has the same thing as me, where he tries to make sure he’s not offending anybody. That’s something I recognized.