Rick Ross and Wiz Khalifa Cover Year-End Issue Of The Source

The Source Magazine reveals 2010′s biggest moments. The self-proclaim, Bible of Hip-Hop features Rick Ross as “The Man of The Year” and Wiz  Khalifa as “Rookie of The Year”.



From Versace, Guiseppe Zannotti, Christian Louboutin, Christian Dior, Jimmy Choo & Alexander McQueen…looks like the Spring will be heating up before you know it! It’s just starting to get cold too.  I know you ladies will enjoy these styles and have you anticipating for the warmth again.  It ain’t nothing like a ‘BAD B*!^CH’ in sum heels!!   Check EM’ out!




For only $162, these Kr3w Franklin high top sneakers are pretty fresh.  I love a variety of shoes…different styles…colors.  I know I get bored with the typical Nike Boot or Timberland or even Air Force Ones. Besides, everybody got em!! I like that exclusive ish!!!


In cased you were wrapped up into the Soul Train Awards last night, like I was, Nicki Minaj premiered her documentary, ‘My Time Now,’ on MTV.  The doc takes us behinds the scene of Nicki Minaj as she prepares for her new album, TV performances, and  gives you a sense of she is and where she comes from.  It was an interesting watch to say the least, it gives me a little more background as Nicki the ‘real’ person.  Check it out in it’s entirety below!!


Twitter streams across the world are about to lose some star power. On Wednesday Dec. 1st, celebs including Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Justin Timberlake, Kim Kardashian, and many more are taking part in the new campaign called Digital Life Sacrifice. The stars will sign off of social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter on behalf of Alicia Keys’ charity Keep a Child Alive.

The digital protest is intended to raise money on World AIDS Day, with participants signing back on to their respective social networking profiles when the charity raises $1 million.


Cover girl LaLa Vazquez is looking GORGEOUS on the new FEARLESS magazine cover for the Winter 2010 Holiday/New You issue.  She’s talking about being the newly married wife of NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony, and being the star of her own VH1 reality show “La La’s Full Court Wedding.”

A few interview highlights:

What does being “Fearless” mean to you?

I’ve learned in this business someone’s not going to like it. Someone’s always going to have something to say. So I think that being fearless is not trying to please everybody but just pleasing yourself because at the day end of the day if you’re happy that’s all that really matters.

You’re a new bride tell us about that experience. Do you feel any different than before?

You know I think overall I feel the same in the relationship. It’s the same even though inside of me there is that place that knows, “OK, you’re married now.

We are all here for a reason.  Why do you think you are here?

That’s a deep one. I think I am definitely here to be a mother to my son and to be a good example to him of how men should treat women.

Arian Simone, the owner of FEARLESS mag, says:

Vazquez is the epitome of a Fun, Fly, Fabulous and Fearless woman. Although she may live a glamorous Hollywood life, complete with celebrity friends, Vazquez at the core, is a wife, mother and hardworking business woman. “I am honored to be part of such an amazing magazine,” states Vazquez. In addition to the cover, Vazquez gives readers and inside look into her life as an actress/producer, her new marriage and mommyhood.

Here’s the behind the scenes vid from La’s shoot:


Jay-Z’s new book Decoded is now on the the New York Times bestseller’s list.   Jay-Z is known for topping Billboard charts but now the rapper’s literary work is on the New York Times bestseller’s list. His first book Decoded currently holds the third spot on the list. The top two spots are held by former president George Bush and his autobiography and Laura Hillenbrand’s Unbroken

Decoded gives fans insight into Jay-z’s lyrics and his life. The book was included on Oprah’s ‘Favorite Things’ show last week and is in the top ten sellers on Amazon.com.  The New York Times says, “Decoded gives the reader a harrowing portrait of the rough worlds Jay-Z navigated in his youth, while at the same time deconstructing his lyrics.”

Congrats to Hov.