Estate of Messy Mya Sues Beyoncé’s

The Estate of Youtube star Messy Mya is suing Beyoncé’  for sampling his voice for her hit single Formation.

According to reports the Estate of the late Youtube celebrity Anthony ‘Messy Mya’ Barré is suing Beyonce for $20 million for sampling his videos without permission or compensation.

Messy Mya was shot and killed in 2010.

Glenda McKinley, a spokesperson for the law firm representing Barre, Rodney & Etter, told NBC News that while Barre was originally “thrilled” to hear her brother’s voice included on track by a singer that both she and her late siblings were fans of, the lack of acknowledgment or compensation soured her.

According to McKinley, Barre has tried to reach an understanding with Beyoncé’s camp for months but have not made progress. Meanwhile, she was forced to brush aside questions about whether she was receiving royalties for the track.

“That’s not paying homage to someone,” McKinley quoted Barre as saying.

A representative for Beyoncé could not be immediately reached for comment.

Nas Bio Series in the Works

With the hugely successful ratings that BET received this past week for the New Edition series. BET has now green lit a project based on Nas.

According to reports BET has ordered a pilot for ‘Street Dreams’ an hour-long scripted project executive produced by Nas and based on his life in New York in the early 90s.

No word has been given yet on any casting ideas.

Nicki Minaj Reunites with Drake and Lil Wayne

Nicki Minaj reunited with Drake and Lil Wayne on Instagram. She and Drake’s relationship had become strained over the years as each accumulated their own successes.  Things became more awkward when Nicki starting dating rapper Meek Mill and engaged in a infamous rap beef with Drake. Now, all seems to be squashed between the two and their back to the music.


CONGRATULATIONS: Beyoncé Pregnant with Twins!!


Beyoncé  just announced via her Instagram account that she and Jay Z are preparing for not one, but two additions to their Carter clan.  Mrs. Carter has seemingly been out of the public eye for a few months.  Her last public appearance was when she and Jay performed for Hillary Clinton.

She posted a pic of her ever growing baby bump surrounding by a bouquet of flowers. After a rewarding 2016, I’m sure this moment doesn’t even compare.  Congratulations!!

Emmett Till Accuser Reveals She Fabricated Her Testimony

Emmett Till (l.), a black 14-year-old Chicago boy, was brutally murdered near Money, Miss., in 1955 after whistling at Carolyn Bryant (r.), a white woman.

In a new book named ‘The Blood of Emmett Till‘ out next week, author Timothy Tyson reveals that he engaged in a conversation with Carolyn Bryant Donham back in 2002 about Emmett’s death.  She is the woman who accused Emmett of whistling at her back in 1955.

As a result, a group of white men burst into the home of 14-year-old Emmett Till, kidnapped him, tortured, mutilated and shot him and dumped him in the Tallahatchie River.  This year, long after his murderers were found Not Guilty and the passing of  Emmett’s mother, Donham has something to confess.

“I made it up.”

Much to Tyson’s surprise, the now elderly woman (who has been married twice since her relatives slaughtered the teenage boy) had this to say when she was asked about she had accused him of doing to her.

That part’s not true.

Yes, the 82-year old now claims that the incident in which she claimed saw Till make lewd remarks towards her and threatened her safety was a lie.

Vanity Fair adds:

As for the rest of what happened that evening in the country store, she said she couldn’t remember. She reflective in Timothy Tyson’s presence, wistfully volunteering, “Nothing that boy did could ever justify what happened to him.”

She also admitted she “felt tender sorrow,” Tyson would note, “for Mamie Till-Mobley”—Emmett Till’s mother, who died in 2003 after a lifetime spent crusading for civil rights. (She had bravely insisted that her son’s casket remain open at his funeral in order to show America what had been done to him.) “When Carolyn herself [later] lost one of her sons, she thought about the grief that Mamie must have felt and grieved all the more.”